Creepy Creatures of Guam: Brown Tree Snake


One day Peter and I went for a walk and when we came back home THIS was sitting on our window ledge. A brown tree snake! I actually noticed it from a distance and froze in place, pointed and then screamed of course! I was yelling, “Can’t we call someone to get rid of it?!” and Peter replied, “Call who?!

Apparently there are about 2 million of these creatures on the island! I’ve seen snakes before, on hikes and while camping, but NEVER had one waiting for me in front of my house!

Sadly (for the snake) we had to get rid of it and by we I mean Peter. There are traps for these snakes throughout the entire island. They are threatening to birds, including the ko’ko bird which is endemic to Guam. ¬†We live in Tumon on the main strip, so it was shocking to see something that I thought would only be in the jungle.

The rest of the evening I was freaked out and scared, imagining snakes sneaking in through the cracks and under the covers. I shudder just thinking about it!