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My Favorite Places to Eat Part 2

Hey all!!! Peter and I sometimes feel like we run out of indoor things to do in Guam. We’re always asking, “What do people in Guam do for fun?!?!” The answer seems to be, “Eat!” So we’ve been eating a lot and I’d like to make you hungry! I went to TuRe’ Cafe for the Friday night music performance and had a delicious burger. For Peter’s birthday we had an extremely good steak dinner at the very fancy Avenue Steak & Lobster in Tumon. I don’t eat beef often, but there wasn’t much of a choice and Avenue’s steak was SO good!

Overall my experience in Guam has been that many restaurants lack in customer service. It seems that once we have been seated and our order taken, no one comes to check on us again for the rest of the meal. I’ve grown used to this, but I don’t let it stop me from eating! We walked out once at Samurai when they ignored us for 30 minutes while we were waiting for our order to be taken. We watched three groups of people seated and served, we’ve never gone back since. Also, something that annoys Peter is the service charge that is automatically charged to the bill at most restaurants in Tumon. I’ve seen this done before in countries where tipping isn’t customary. I’m not quite sure where the service charge goes and if you’re still supposed to leave a full tip or the difference in the service charge (usually 10-15%).

Vitales vs. Capricciosa-

Both of these are Italian restaurants. Capricciosa is a little bland, family-style eating, will fill you but not something you’d want to pay for. Many of my coworkers had suggested Capricciosa’s seafood dishes, since I don’t eat seafood, maybe those are better than the chicken Alfredo dish I ordered. After all the hype I heard about Capricciosa, I was so disappointed and will never go there again! Vitales seems more authentic to me. I was actually skeptical of Vitales after my less than satisfactory meal at Capricciosa. I ordered the tortellini filled with cheese covered in a creamy white  sauce (a lactose intolerant person’s nightmare). Peter had some tubular pasta in red sauce. My meal was very good, rich, and I order it every time I go there. Each meal came with a loaf of bread. We didn’t know that so we ordered a side of cheesy bread. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and flavor.  Although the service is terrible, in my opinion, Vitales wins this battle!


Fuji Ichiban-

You can’t come to Guam without eating here. On top of the great Japanese food, it’s opened 24/7!! If you see a line and it looks crowded, be warned, your service will probably be terrible. My favorites are the gyoza and fried sweet and sour chicken. It’s very loud and busy and whenever you enter they welcome you in Japanese! This is one place I will miss if I ever leave Guam. Peter assured me that we would be able to find restaurants like this anywhere. He also said this was like Japanese fast food, but who cares, it’s so good!

House of Brutus-

This is a favorite of mine. Drinks, burgers and GREAT music. What more could you ask for?



This is my favorite ramen place so far. Misoya is on Fujita Road in Tumon. They use all fresh and natural ingredients. I had ever tried ramen until I came to Guam. I first tried it at Ajisen and I thought it was OKAY.  Then a friend recommended Misoya, which we’d seen once while walking by. The servers were quick, attentive, and very informative. I had a very pleasant time here, the ramen is delicious and I can’t wait to go back!


 Mosa’s Joint-

Peter said this place is his new favorite burger place. He ordered the mushroom burger and I had the Greek Platter with chicken. Average prices for Guam, good food. At first we thought it was going to be one of those shady bars like the bar next to it. But when we opened the doors and walked in, it was nothing like we thought. The outside is deceiving because when you walk in, it’s small, with tables, colorful local artwork on the walls, and great food! Award-winning burgers!


Other places to try:

  • Al Dente Italian restaurant in the Hyatt Regency in Tumon (semi-fine dining). Try the gnocchi!!
  • Sakura House Japanese food in Upper Tumon. I didn’t enjoy this because it was mostly seafood, but Peter said it was really good and he wants to go back.
  • Pho Noodle House in Tamuning good Pho and lumpia!
  • Von’s Chicken (one of my favorites!!!!) I love the garlic, boneless chicken!!! Another of my most favorite places to eat.
  • Sea Grill- Peter and I ate here for Valentine’s Day. I only wanted to go because I had tasted their chicken empanadas once and was craving them. They are so good and the service is very good.

Skip the food at The Beach Bar on Gun Beach. Recently, they’ve changed their menu. The prices are the same, but the food is TERRIBLE. They’ve gone for cheap food, high prices. Too bad.


My Favorite Places to Eat on Guam – Part 1

My favorite places to eat:

Table 35 –

I’ve been here a handful of times, usually on a Friday night, and every time they have run out of most of the food on the menu. That doesn’t deter me because the ambiance; crystal chandelier, island jazz band that plays on the weekend, low lighting and delicious food; is enjoyable. It feels like I’m not in Guam anymore and maybe in some cool city somewhere! I ordered a bottle of wine, had some great sausage pasta and mushroom soup and listened to the music. They serve a lot of seafood and the prices start at $11. It’s not a place I’d go to every weekend, but definitely for a special occasion or date night. I’ve also only been there in the evening, I hear there are lunch specials that I’d like to try sometime.

Meskla and Meskla Dos-

Meskla is a Chamorro fusion restaurant that impressed me with just their salad! The salad dressing was unique and tasted great, the meats were all very good and the service was fast. If you want to go on a nice dinner date or special occasion, Meskla is another good place to eat.

Meskla Dos is a burger place across from K Mart. The burgers start at $8 and they are MASSIVE and hearty. The fries are seasoned and my favorite. Everything on the menu is good. I recommend the grilled cheese burger with fries or the fiesta plate.

Century Lanes Bowling Alley-

Yes can you believe it I love the bowling alley food! At the moment they are remodeling, but they were home to my favorite hamburger — the onion ring burger. They also have a restaurant that serves Filipino and Chamorro food and it’s GOOD!

Tu Re’-

I love this place. It’s a fancy coffee shop that also serves breakfast, lunch and din din. Not to mention it’s set right on the beach and has an incredible view of the ocean. The ribs are my favorite. The downside is that the outdoor seating attracts tons of flies so most of the time you are swatting them away. It’s very nice and reasonably priced.


In the village of Agana, Caliente is the closest thing to authentic Mexican food. My favorite is to get a seat at the bar and order appetizers!

Katre Bistro-

I went here for Valentine’s day and had a four course meal (first one EVER!). Unlike everywhere else on Guam, their Valentine’s Day special was about $35 and it was surprisingly good. The presentation was fancy and I really loved it. The downside is that the seating is a little too small and cramped. I have very long legs and it was uncomfortable and I kept banging my legs on the table.

The Beach at Gun Beach-

Another great place for food, music and ocean views. I ate here for the first time about a month ago. I ordered the Greek salad and the burger with this special spicy sauce. INCREDIBLE! I mean if you can get past the 80s hair band rock music going on in the background, you will love the food here. Which is surprising because I thought it was nothing more than just a beach bar! Also the perfect place to watch a beautiful Guamanian sunset.


Places to Skip:

Meskla on the Beach – BAD service and okay food.

Shirley’s – Fried rice was cold and very dry also expensive and not worth it.

Margarita’s – Salsa tasted like it had been frozen, stale chips and overly fried everything. Nothing special.

Proa – Highly overrated. Every time I’ve gone there, the cuts of meat they served were fatty and bad. Do try the desserts though!

Ban Thai –  Overpriced and sloppy. Overrated.

There are SO many restaurants on Guam and I LOVE eating out! Although I haven’t eaten at every single one, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite restaurants and a few that I don’t really like. Guam is very small and even though there are a lot of restaurants, it’s nothing compared to what’s available in The States. For this reason, I think people who have lived here their whole life have been accustomed to and have set low standards for the restaurants on Guam.

I’m hungry now, time to eat!

Things to Do in Guam: Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village is a night market with music, food, animals and local vendors. During the day there are a few restaurants open, but only on Wednesday evenings does the real fun take place. I’ve heard that it’s also open on Friday evenings but every time I’ve tried to go on a Friday, it hasn’t been opened. Recently it has been extremely overcrowded, which hasn’t really made my experience too fun. It’s so crowded and hard to walk, there’s no place to sit and eat and you have to wait in line to do/see anything. Aside from that, it’s a nice place to go maybe once a month and enjoy the music and food!

Locally owned businesses serve food, drinks, sell crafts and souvenirs. You can ride a carabao, drink from a coconut, watch traditional Polynesian dancers, dance the Chamorro cha-cha and hold coconut crabs, snakes and monitor lizards! My dad would LOVE this place because he loves dancing.  Every time I’ve gone to watch the band play, there has been an older man dressed similar to Elvis. He usually wears a red shirt that says, “Thank you Elvis” written in sloppy writing on his back. He and his dancing partner are quite popular with the tourists and very fun to watch dancing.

I go for the food honestly! It’s delicious! I always get a few BBQ chicken sticks, red rice and a rice ball or two. Also, the fruit slushy drinks are AMAZING and the flavored popcorn is good too. The last time I went I tried something called a Latiya (pronounced Lateeza), which is a cake with pudding on top sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s very, very good!! As I mentioned it is crowded so I just go to whichever food stand has the shortest line. This week I decided to see why so many people wait in the LONG line for food. Sometimes the line is so long it wraps around the building. Anyway, I ordered the Fiesta Plate (in Spanish that means Party Plate) which is the standard Chamorro food plate. This was enough for Peter and I to share. It came with red rice, BBQ chicken on a stick, BBQ pork on a stick, pancit, some fried shrimp thing and fina’ denne. I soon realized why the lines are long and why people don’t mind waiting. The food tastes SO much better! Better pieces of meat, better tasting and all for the same price. So just wait in line and you will be happy!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Guamanians really love their choreographed dances. At any party, including Chamorro Village, you will here The Cupid Shuffle, Wobble or any other song that has a dance to go with it. People of ALL ages know the dances. Most of these I had no idea came with dance routines ha! One of my favorite things to do is watch the dancers old and young!


If you visit:
Bring cash!

Most souvenirs are overpriced like the swimsuit coverups and some of the jewelry. 

It's in Agana near the baseball field