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Man Bags, Crocs and Tourists Oh My!

When I first arrived in Guam I was home alone a lot. So, during the first few weeks I spent the majority of my time going on walks and people watching! Who doesn’t like to do that every-now-and-then?? I took walks down the main street in Tumon and, to my surprise, I found that there was a lot to see. Guam is such a popular tourist destination among Japanese and Korean tourists that most jobs in Tumon require Japanese speaking employees. Tumon is the main area where tourists stay and where most of the high end shops are. I tried to play undercover photographer when I took photos of the most popular and unique fashion I’d seen tourists wearing.

Crocs are undeniably the oddest-looking shoe I’ve ever seen, yet they tend to be a must have among the tourists. Unfortunately, the Croc store closed. One evening I was sitting on the bench outside of the closed Croc store when a family walked by and read the sign, “Sorry, closed.” They seemed really devastated, almost as though the Croc shop was on their list of top 10 things to see in Guam. I saw Crocs so much that they began looking normal to me and I wanted a pair! Peter forbade it. haha

The things I find MOST interesting are the platform shoes women wear and that men LOVE to carry man bags! Yes, man bags are a big hit with Japanese tourists in Guam. Ohh where do I begin…I think they’re fabulous! Sometimes women aren’t carrying purses but their husband/boyfriend will be! Man bags are sometimes even nicer than lady purses. I think it’s really interesting how this is perfectly acceptable, whereas in The States people wouldn’t think so. I always wondered how men got along without purses.

Anyway, this is just a small difference in culture, but I think it’s really fascinating and I can’t wait to visit Japan and see what their world is like.  Enjoy the photos and have a great weekend!