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Happy Birthday & Harajuku Time!

After Ginza, I thought my feet were going to fall off. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and rest, but then Peter said he wanted to experience Tokyo nightlife. We’d planned to go to a dance club near our hotel, but while he was researching the address he found out that the club he realllyyyyy wanted to go to had a shuttle that picked people up and dropped them off across from our hotel in Shibuya! I guess it was meant to be. So, he had a few birthday drinks and we hopped on the free shuttle and headed to Ageha. This is a HUGE club! There are like 5-6 clubs within this one building. Entrance was about $70 for the both of us and drinks were about $10! My favorite part was the outside area called Water. There’s this small pool where we all danced around and occasionally a drunk person would fall in. It had the best energy, it was outside and I enjoyed the music much more. There was another dance floor that I didn’t like so much. There they played trance music and had a CRAZY, intensely loud sound system. There were other areas of the club and even some we didn’t see. It was massive!

Clubs in Japan don’t have a time when they stop serving alcohol so we were out dancing until 4 am. We brought in Peter’s birthday dancing away to techno/trance music. We finally decided to head home and get back on the shuttle. If you do plan to take the shuttle, make sure you grab a return ticket at the club to get back home. We didn’t know about this but thankfully the bus driver let us back on. If you stay long enough, you can watch the sun rise over the bay.

The next day we of course got a late start to our day. We headed to Harajuku to celebrate some more! This was one of the places I was most looking forward to visiting. It’s so famous and with the fashion I’d seen in Shibuya, I couldn’t imagine what I would see in Harajuku.

The amount of people walking the streets was quite overwhelming so we started by walking down the main street. It was very crowded and filled with TONS of shops. Some of the shops sell clothes that Harajuku girls would wear, like this dress I spotted on the store front window. There are a lot of different Harajuku styles, some of them wear doll clothes or dress up like cartoon characters.

I found these funny glasses and made Peter try them on since he was the birthday boy! He’s such a good sport 🙂

We went in and out of the shops, stopped here and there to people watch, got lost and ended up where we wanted to be. 

I can’t get over the amazing fashion I saw everywhere. It was a breath of fresh air after Guam’s very laid back style. I felt like I needed a whole new wardrobe! Everything was stylish, even the dogs!!!

We sat down for awhile to rest our feet and we decided to head back into the crowds. We turned a corner and THERE she was. The first Harajuku girl I’ve ever seen in real life! She was standing on the steps posing for photos. I got really nervous and just walked past her but Peter stopped and asked, with hand gestures, if I could take her photo and she said YES! There weren’t too many of them walking around and that was a bit surprising. The few that I did see were definitely out for the attention and specifically to have their photos taken! I’d been hoping to see Harajuku girls so I was VERY happy!

We went to Harajuku twice, once in the evening, where I spotted the second girl!

Next we headed to an art museum that we were very excited about because Guam lacks museums and art. Design Festa Gallery in Harajuku is my favorite art museum EVER! Once an old apartment building, the rooms are rented to artists who display their artwork. Entrance is free and artwork is sold in the rooms. There’s also a coffee shop and restaurant.  The outside of the museum is covered in paintings and designs. It’s SO cool! Once you walk through the apartment building/art museum you end up outside on a sidewalk that leads you to another building with MORE art. Inside of the next building we saw two-three floors of art. Some Manga, fashion, abstract…it was all amazing and wonderful. We bought a few post cards as gifts and headed outside. Both of us became really inspired and decided that we wanted to go to art school and become artists haha.

The sun was starting to set but we kept walking, this time we were on some quieter streets. We wanted to finish the day with Peter’s birthday meal! We’d both researched a restaurant that is said to have the best fried pork. Thanks to his tablet, we found the restaurant easily. The restaurant is called Maisen and it’s very nice inside. We both had different variations of the fried pork which also came with dessert. It was a good meal and the birthday boy enjoyed it!

After dinner we walked the streets and visited a few shops, including a sticker shop and some fancy watch store. Shops tend to close around 9 pm.

Harajuku was so much fun. I love the culture and art the most. There was a lot we didn’t see and I wish I could have spent more time there. We did stop by Kiddyland which is a giant department store full of toys. There were way too many people in there and it was a bit warm so I just looked at some stuff and left.

When the shops close and roll down their metal store front covers, we noticed that some of them had very nice graffiti paintings on them!

One of the best days during my trip to Japan! I hope it was a birthday Peter will never forget 🙂