Tanguisson Beach Park

Lost Pond

Well, hello there readers! A few posts back I mentioned that on a failed search for Lost Pond, I fell upon an incredibly beautiful beach near Tanguisson Beach.  A couple of weekends ago, we decided to give the search for Lost Pond another try. I’d researched videos online to  find out where the entrance into the jungle was. We still managed to get lost! We entered the jungle too soon and ended up deep within the palm trees and coral. We also stumbled upon an old Chamorro village!  As we passed through the village, we spotted a few deteriorated latte stone and continued on.

30 mosquito bites later, we were nowhere in sight of Lost Pond. I was beginning to get angry. The coral became very jagged and dangerous so we decided to head back to the beach. We felt as though we’d failed again, but as we reached the end of the secluded beach, a few military guys burst out of the jungle! They told us that Lost Pond was just through that part of the jungle and that there was red tape that led the way! By this time we were itchy, hot and frustrated so we decided to take a quick swim and snorkel before heading into the jungle again. The same military guys found a blue starfish that they gave to me to take photos of.

Once we rested, we headed into the jungle again! This time, we were successful! The path was sooo easy and fast. Along the way someone spotted a giant monitor lizard! Just as we turned the corner you could see the water between the trees. It was beautiful! Lost Pond is a sink hole/sunken cave which then formed a freshwater pool.

I, of course, did not swim. Peter went in  and said there were some deep spots and lots of jagged rocks. After our successful journey we headed back home, satisfied 🙂

Things To Do In Guam: Tanguisson Beach Park & Hilaan

On a quest to find Lost Pond, we stumbled upon this very secluded beach with only a few fisherman scattered along the shore. The Tanguisson Beach Park is absolutely beautiful! Most people gather at the entrance where there is a large rock that provides shelter and a nice place to have a BBQ. If you continue down the beach, walking through the water and around to the very end of the beach, you will find the bluest water, white sand, and not a soul in sight. On this specific day, the weather was not looking nice but we decided to go anyway and take a chance. What a great decision that was. As soon as we entered the park, the skies were a perfect blue color and the weather was very warm. I’m estimating that the walk was about a mile to the end of the beach. Remember to bring water shoes because you have to walk through the water to get to the other side of the beach. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and bug spray.

Click this link Tanguisson Beach Park  to watch the video!!

Video by: Peter