sunsets in guam

America’s Best Kept Secret

When I find really good music I immediately feel like I should share it and enlighten everyone about my findings. Then I get this feeling, that maybe it’s too special to share and maybe no one will understand or appreciate it. These conflicted feelings I get about music, I also get about Guam. As I think back to the first time I swam at the beach in Tumon, I remember floating on my back and staring into the blue sky, unable to believe that this place existed outside of T.V. documentaries and travel magazines. Places like Guam had always been my ideal paradise. When I thought about all those people who had labeled Guam as inferior to the rest of the U.S. I felt like saying, “In your face, I live in paradise!” Maybe I did, I can’t really remember. Who would have thought that way out in the Pacific Ocean this unknown island existed. I sure as hell didn’t! That’s when I started my blog, because I decided that Guam was way too special to keep private and it deserved to shine! People should know the truth about the island. Sometimes I worry that once this secret, that belongs to the U.S., is discovered the island will be ruined by throngs of messy tourists. Contrary to my worries, on Guam, tourists make it a better place and this is not a secret that should be kept. The island deserves more recognition for its natural splendor and culture. I feel that Guam’s beaches are extremely underrated and are even as good as Boracay’s White Beach (Boracay voted Best Beaches in the World 2011 by TripAdvisor), in the Philippines. So over the last two years I’ve accumulated tons of pictures, but more specifically I want to share with you the beautiful sunsets of Guam. They’re always very dramatic, providing a good evening show. These are some of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen.

December 2013 the view on my birthday at Guam Reef Hotel.


Tumon beach walk


Two Lover’s Point


Top of the Kmart parking lot…most incredible yet.