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Things to Do in Guam: Chamorro Village

Chamorro Village is a night market with music, food, animals and local vendors. During the day there are a few restaurants open, but only on Wednesday evenings does the real fun take place. I’ve heard that it’s also open on Friday evenings but every time I’ve tried to go on a Friday, it hasn’t been opened. Recently it has been extremely overcrowded, which hasn’t really made my experience too fun. It’s so crowded and hard to walk, there’s no place to sit and eat and you have to wait in line to do/see anything. Aside from that, it’s a nice place to go maybe once a month and enjoy the music and food!

Locally owned businesses serve food, drinks, sell crafts and souvenirs. You can ride a carabao, drink from a coconut, watch traditional Polynesian dancers, dance the Chamorro cha-cha and hold coconut crabs, snakes and monitor lizards! My dad would LOVE this place because he loves dancing.  Every time I’ve gone to watch the band play, there has been an older man dressed similar to Elvis. He usually wears a red shirt that says, “Thank you Elvis” written in sloppy writing on his back. He and his dancing partner are quite popular with the tourists and very fun to watch dancing.

I go for the food honestly! It’s delicious! I always get a few BBQ chicken sticks, red rice and a rice ball or two. Also, the fruit slushy drinks are AMAZING and the flavored popcorn is good too. The last time I went I tried something called a Latiya (pronounced Lateeza), which is a cake with pudding on top sprinkled with cinnamon. It’s very, very good!! As I mentioned it is crowded so I just go to whichever food stand has the shortest line. This week I decided to see why so many people wait in the LONG line for food. Sometimes the line is so long it wraps around the building. Anyway, I ordered the Fiesta Plate (in Spanish that means Party Plate) which is the standard Chamorro food plate. This was enough for Peter and I to share. It came with red rice, BBQ chicken on a stick, BBQ pork on a stick, pancit, some fried shrimp thing and fina’ denne. I soon realized why the lines are long and why people don’t mind waiting. The food tastes SO much better! Better pieces of meat, better tasting and all for the same price. So just wait in line and you will be happy!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but Guamanians really love their choreographed dances. At any party, including Chamorro Village, you will here The Cupid Shuffle, Wobble or any other song that has a dance to go with it. People of ALL ages know the dances. Most of these I had no idea came with dance routines ha! One of my favorite things to do is watch the dancers old and young!


If you visit:
Bring cash!

Most souvenirs are overpriced like the swimsuit coverups and some of the jewelry. 

It's in Agana near the baseball field

Things to Do in Guam: Two Lover’s Point

What kind of Guamanian blogger would I be if I didn’t write about Two Lover’s Point? A very popular  tourist attraction, the story behind Two Lover’s Point is Guam’s own version of Romeo & Juliet. It’s a story about two young lovers whose parents try to keep them apart, so at an attempt to stay together for eternity, they jump off the cliff at Two Lover’s Point. The story is romantically crazy and looking out over the cliff, where the lovers were supposed to have jumped from, gives me chills!

I’ve been to this park a few times, but I never actually went up to the viewpoint. There is an entrance fee of $3, or $2 if you have a local I.D.  Finally, we  decided to go up to the viewpoint! We chose a clear day, just before sunset. As you walk around the park and up to the viewpoint, there are HUNDREDS of locks attached to the fences and some parts of the rock that the viewpoint sits on. There was a large group of tourists waiting for the sunset when we arrived. I’ve never been disappointed with a sunset on Guam. I think we have the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen! Even though I live here, they still put me in awe and make me thankful for having the opportunity to experience this life!As we watched the sun go down, it was very dramatic and wonderful. “Another day down,” Peter and I always say as we say goodbye to another day on Guam and welcome another day of us being together.

As I was looking out over toward the sunset, I noticed to the left there is a chapel right on the cliff and below that, a CAVE! I think we are planning on exploring this cave sometime…

The park closes at 7:00pm, so on our way out we found a good place to attach our lock to. It is a tradition to put a lock on the fence with a message to your loved one. I’m sure someday we’ll come back to check on our lock.

Finally, we rang the bell for love and headed out.

But not before we stopped to look down this HUGE natural hole. I have no idea what’s up with these, but throughout Guam there are various sizes of these holes. I’ve asked the park person what is it and what caused it and he had no clue what I was talking about. I’m not sure if it is connected to the cave, but it seemed to be. Anyway, that’s a mystery I will hopefully have solved soon!