shopping in ginza

Glamorous Ginza

We spent our first full day in Japan roaming around Ginza! If you like shopping, especially if you like high end shops, then Ginza is probably the right place for you. Peter and I on the other hand just wanted to go to Ginza because of the ginormous Bic Camera! What is this you ask? Only the biggest electronic store I’ve ever been to! Floors and floors of all the electronic goodies you can think of! Even things that haven’t been released in the U.S. Without even realizing how much time we spent in Bic Camera, it was dark by the time we left. My feet hurt soooo bad and I began to feel hot and dizzy so I found myself a nice bench and waited as Peter looked around. He ended up getting himself a birthday gift and I got him some accessories for it. He also found the DJ gear and of course he DJ’d for the shoppers haha!

This is also where I discovered that Japan has the BEST toy machines! Rows upon rows of machines that don’t give out crappy break-the-same-day toys. They give out the good stuff!

But before all of that we were lost on the streets of Ginza! Thankfully, we stumbled upon a KFC that had free internet and we loaded a map to find our way back to where we wanted to be.

Ginza Street is full of people, shops, tourists and SHOPS…I said that already. We found ourselves a bench in the middle of the street, but first we stopped for juice because it was a hot day, and people watched for awhile. While we were sitting, a man dressed in robes came to us and put a photo of Buddha in our hands. Then he brought out a book and had Peter sign his name and put down an amount of money that we wanted to give! I was appalled because it was sort of forceful. Peter couldn’t say no, so he fished out his money from his pocket and when the man saw how much money Peter had, he crossed out the 1000 yen ($12.00) and wrote in 2,000! I didn’t let Peter pay 2,000 and I refused to sign the book. I gave back the photo of Buddha and he left…we watched him wander over to the next unsuspecting tourist couple walking behind us. I was quite offended and Peter was regretful that he gave in to the robed man. But he is much nicer than I am and I like that about him!

As I continued people watching, I fell in love with all the fashion. The fashion in Tokyo is absolutely the best I’ve seen. It’s so unique and inspiring. I wouldn’t wear most of it, but I appreciate it and am in awe of people who aren’t embarrassed to express themselves through their fashion.

The funniest thing happened while we were looking at the shops and walking down the sidewalk. A group of older Japanese men and women came rushing over to Peter and asked if they could take photos of him walking for their photography class! So of course Peter agreed and I took a quick shot of them taking photos of Peter! I thought it was sweet.

We walked and walked and WALKED. I love all the streets in Japan that turn into a cluster of new streets at every corner. You could get lost and somehow manage to find yourself again. The architecture is beautiful and changes with every few blocks. I found this glass building that I love!

We eventually came to the Sony building where we spent some time looking at all of the Sony products and Peter played a racing game on a giant projector screen.

We continued walking and I began to realize that everything in Japan is cute!

By the time dinner came around, we were starving and just picked whatever we could find. That happened to be a place called Jonathan’s.  It had an interesting variety of food. I guess it was Japanese and other. I’m not sure what the other was. Like hamburger patties with fries, pizza, garlic bread, and some other stuff that I didn’t recognize. There were a lot of Japanese items to choose from as well. The menu was in Japanese and we just pointed to a bunch of pictures and ate. It was a little difficult for me to find food in Japan because I don’t eat seafood and most everything had some sort of seafood in it. Even the noodles that say they’re vegetable had shrimp in them. I ate pizza a lot. Boring, I know.

We decided to walk some more and just look at all the buildings and people. Then we jumped back on the train and headed to Shibuya. It was Saturday night and we planned to bring in Peter’s birthday with a bang!