masso reservoir

He Did It!

From the time I was born until I was about 16, my family spent the summers fishing. As I got older, it was usually just my dad and me fishing in the deserts of eastern Oregon. I loved it!

Fishing in Guam is very different and challenging. Peter and I decided to take up fishing and bought a pole from Kmart during one of their sales. We fished at Cabras Island near the power plant, the Oka viewpoint cliff, lots of different beaches and the Masso reservoir. We had NO luck. We got fishing advice from everyone, even the lady who worked at Sweet Home who said her husband was a fisherman. We would see people fishing with bread or hotdogs and so we tried that too! I’m sure if we were on a boat out in the ocean we’d have no problem, but the small-time fishing we wanted to do seemed impossible.

It wasn’t really a big deal to me whether we caught a fish, but Peter was determined. About a month ago, we went back to Masso Reservoir and it finally happened. Peter caught a fish. Though it may have been the smallest fish ever caught in the history of fishing, he did it and was so happy. He caught three more and decided that was good enough. We released them all back into the pond and left feeling satisfied. Good job Petey ❤


Things to Do on Guam: Masso Watershed & Nature Trail

If you read my post, June in Guam, you would know that while driving through the village of Piti we discovered the Masso Watershed and Nature Trail. It was a pleasant surprise because it was unlike the other parks I’ve seen on Guam. It looked like a lot of effort had been put into building the park and it was still in good shape. The informational boards taught about the importance of keeping Guam clean and how the watershed works. Also it showed the different animals (pigs and deer) that are damaging to the plant life on Guam.

The entrance to the park is located across from the Guam Veteran’s Cemetery (Coming from the North take a left at the light where the cemetery is, then take the first right after the cemetery).  Down the dirt road, you can either park on the side or, if your vehicle is able, drive down the sometimes muddy road to the park. On the left you will see a reservoir with a dock where people sunbathe and fish.

The reservoir is where all the water from the hills collects and is released through a small dam into the ocean. While I was there, I saw people catching small colorful fish that I thought were only found in the ocean. I also read on the information board that eels live in the reservoir, along with hundreds of frogs, that you can hear from miles away. We tried to fish, but were unlucky. We used regular bait from Kmart, then we decided to use bits of my leftover muffin and the fish LOVED the muffin. Although the fish nibbled at the muffin, we still didn’t catch anything after a few hours of fishing so we decided to try again another time and bring bread.

Further down the dirt road is the nature trail and a few more informational boards. We explored the trail, which is family friendly as I saw a woman and her four young children walking along the path. Although the trail was short and easy, the heat was usual Guam heat and I was drenched with sweat and had to chug some water when we returned to the scooter.

It’s not much of a nature trail, but at least it’s something. I hope that they continue to keep the area clean. Definitely a must see! I enjoyed learning about the different kinds of plants on Guam both natural and invasive species. There were a lot of ferns, plumeria and trees. I like that although Guam is a very small island, the terrain of the North part of the island is very different from the South.

It’s very peaceful and serene, occasionally you will see a plane fly by headed toward the airport. Sometimes I’d hear some rustling in the bushes and imagine a GIANT monitor lizard pop out. In the last two weeks I’ve been there three times! Probably my new favorite hangout spot!

Thanks for reading ❤