Philippine Vacation Video  (click the link to watch the video)-edited by Petey.

Possibly the smallest airport I’ve ever been to in the world, the flight from Manila to Kalibo airport was about 45 minutes.  As we descended toward Aklan, I could see Boracay from the plane. Boracay is famous for it’s beautiful White Beach. From the airport, we got on a bus that took us on a two hour ride across the island so that we could board a boat to Boracay. I loved the island of Aklan. It was very crowded like Manila, but much more authentic and less influenced by the world. Children walk around barefoot, people live in bamboo huts with roofs made out of leaves. It’s so peaceful and everyone seemed to be busy doing something. When we finally made it to the port to board a boat that would take us to the next island, Boracay, it was late afternoon.

I’d expected Boracay to be very laid back, quiet and a hidden gem. To my surprise, the beach was packed with tourists from all over the world. It looked as if the Las Vegas strip had moved to a tropical island! We stayed at Boracay Beach Club, located in Station 1, because of the reviews and the good deal we got. Included in our resort stay we had a daily breakfast,  free drinks, full body massage, a banana boat ride and a sunset cruise on a sailboat. Our stay at BBC was wonderful! I strongly recommend staying here. The people are very friendly, it’s across the street from White Beach, very quiet and secure. White Beach, I’ve heard, is the world’s #2 most beautiful beach. As you can see in the pictures, the sand really is white which makes the water look even prettier. The first day we arrived, we watched the sunset as we had our dinner. It wasn’t until the next morning that we were really able to appreciate the beauty of White Beach. Almost too bright to look at! We also visited Puka Beach, which is a beach made up of broken puka shells. It isn’t as busy as White Beach and the water is a bit rougher. To get there we took a motorized tricycle. This is the most commonly used way to get around the island.

Boracay’s White Beach is separated into three stations. Each station appeals to a different crowd. I think Stations 2 & 3 are the party stations, while station 1 was more for families and couples.

D Mall was about a 10 minute walk from BBC and that’s where you can find a maze of shops, vendors and restaurants. Along the way I took pictures of the radio station, school and other random things I thought were interesting. The nightlife is good, any day of the week and all night long. Lots of techno/electronic music!

In Boracay things are more expensive than Manila, but still affordable for anyone coming from a country with a good exchange rate. We had dinner at a different place each night. Around D Mall you can find ANY kind of food you want. In addition, you eat your dinner on the beach and there’s always a live band playing. It just makes the experience so much more magical! Even in Boracay there are kids that line the walk way trying to sell you things, usually beads or laser lights. I had a conversation with one of the kids who wore a feather in his hair. He said, “Here touch the beads.” As I reached my hand out to look at the necklace he was trying to sell but stopped quick when he added, “but you touch, you buy!”

The banana boat ride was fun and exciting, the sailboat cruise was beautiful but the massage was horrible. I’d never had one before and I’m not a fan of having strangers touch me so I did not enjoy this. That would be the only downside to my whole time in Boracay.

Every night at sunset, a group of birds (never figured out if they were bats or not) swarm the trees for about 10 minutes and then disappear. Every sunset was even more beautiful than the previous. The weather is less humid than Guam, but still incredibly hot!

This was a vacation I will never forget and I plan on going back. During our last day in the Philippines we found a little post office and mailed out post cards that took about a month and a half to reach their destination. It’s amazing how Boracay’s people mix with the tourists. On one side of the street you find tourists, boats, jet skis, half nude beach goers and on the other you find locals selling a bottle of Coke for 17 pesos ($0.25!) catching rides from motortrikes and going about their business. There are so many amazing things that happened, not just in Boracay but all of my Philippines vacation, that I’m probably forgetting to share. I had a great time, learned so much and can’t wait to go back. And next time…I won’t pay $25 for a cab ride!