Asan Falls

I’ve been trying to do one to two small hikes/walks a week just to get some fresh air and see something new. We’ve been getting good use out of our trail book, so I guess the money was well spent. Some of these trails have no trailhead so it would be impossible to find, if not for the book.

Yes, we found ANOTHER waterfall. I had no clue there were this many on Guam. I guess I can check that off my bucket list for Guam (if I had one). This time our adventures led us to Asan. The trail started behind some newly constructed homes, which I was worried that they would someday restrict access to the falls. The book said the hike would be very difficult, but to the top of the waterfall it was very easy. It looked as though the way to get down to the larger falls would be difficult.


We again didn’t come prepared to swim so we just sat at the top of the falls and looked down. Another peaceful retreat away from our day-to-day life in Tumon. From here I couldn’t hear anything but the water falling and frogs. From the top of the road I would never have guessed that this beauty was here. More Guamanian mysteries.

I felt that this was the perfect spot for a doughnut break (everywhere is a great place for doughnuts).


The other, larger waterfall further down, which we were unable to locate a way to get to, has a 25 foot drop. I’m sure we will go back and try to find it. We found this rope that Peter used to climb down and check things out. The swimming hole looked very deep, but probably not deep enough to dive.


After that we drove to a little viewpoint on Nimitz Hill and watched the sunset. That’s our Guam life!


Things To Do In Guam: Tanguisson Beach Park & Hilaan

On a quest to find Lost Pond, we stumbled upon this very secluded beach with only a few fisherman scattered along the shore. The Tanguisson Beach Park is absolutely beautiful! Most people gather at the entrance where there is a large rock that provides shelter and a nice place to have a BBQ. If you continue down the beach, walking through the water and around to the very end of the beach, you will find the bluest water, white sand, and not a soul in sight. On this specific day, the weather was not looking nice but we decided to go anyway and take a chance. What a great decision that was. As soon as we entered the park, the skies were a perfect blue color and the weather was very warm. I’m estimating that the walk was about a mile to the end of the beach. Remember to bring water shoes because you have to walk through the water to get to the other side of the beach. Also, don’t forget your sunscreen and bug spray.

Click this link Tanguisson Beach Park  to watch the video!!

Video by: Peter

Things To Do: Guam Jungle River Boat Cruise

One of my favorite things to do when I’m living somewhere new is sightseeing! There are so many tourist friendly things to do on Guam.  I’d been trying to catch this river boat cruise but missed it once. There are two departing times I think the first is around 9:00am and the second is 1:30pm. I caught the later one. Tourists pay $55 per person (personally I think that’s ridiculous!!) while locals/military pay $25 per person.  I definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Guam. At first I thought it might be disappointing and short, but to my surprise it was well worth the money to see parts of the country that I would otherwise not get to see.

Deeper than I’ve ever been in the jungle, the cruise follows the Talafofo & Ugum Rivers. Led by a tour guide, who speaks both English and Japanese, the tour was quite animated and fun. Good for people of all ages. We stopped along the river to feed chickens, throw bread crumbs at strange fish and feed coconut crabs!  We were able to leave the boat and wander through ancient pillars used in homes called latte stone and were lucky enough to see multiple iguanas! I was amazed by everything from the way the trees lined the river to the peacefulness of the jungle.

At the end of the cruise, after seeing the latte stone and walking to a cave we walked to a small covered area. Here, a lady who had been weaving baskets, fans and other items met us. We had ice cream and tea and watched as they set coconuts on fire and had us play rock, paper, scissors to win the woven items! They also had captured and caged coconut crabs, brown tree snakes, iguanas and turtles.

If you’re planning on taking this boat cruise bring bug spray, sunscreen and walking shoes…oh and your camera!!