japanese street art

Banksy in Shibuya!

I really miss Japan. Why did I love it so much? Probably because for the past year I’ve been living on a very small island with limited things to do. Japan is also very clean and orderly,  which I like A LOT. I loved getting lost in the maze of streets and finding something magical. One night, Peter and I went for a walk in Shibuya. As we were crossing the street I spotted some street art on the corner of a building. I gasped and whispered, “Banksy.” I took a million photos of the little girl with her hands covering her face. Banksy is a street artist and a great one. I know of his work because he left a few of his graffiti art pieces in Portland, Oregon, which a friend of mine showed me.  Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on his work. Please look him up! I couldn’t believe my eyes! As people were busily passing by this piece of art, I stopped and just stared for a few minutes. I can’t believe I got to see another one! I feel soooo lucky. After this, we kept walking until we saw a bar down in a basement. When we entered we realized that it was a Spanish restaurant/bar! I was so happy! We had tapas and drinks. I had the best Sangria ever and Peter had some beer with a mountain of foam on top.

You can’t stay in Shibuya without walking through the GIANT intersection/crosswalk. I’m sure you’ve seen it in movies. It mirrors the one in New York City. When the walk symbol appears, THOUSANDS of people cross the street in all directions. It’s really magnificent!

I can’t get over how much I enjoyed Tokyo and, as I mentioned in previous blogs, the fashion!

Everything in Japan is cute. The billboards, the people, the clothes, the food…EVERYTHING. There are even things to make cute things cuter…Once Peter and I saw a bunch of school girls run into a basement with pictures of half naked teen boys and lots of girls with big eyes. We saw one couple go down, so out of curiosity we followed. When we took the last step down, ROWS and ROWS of photo booths were cluttered in this basement. And these weren’t just your ordinary photo booths, NO they were awesome photo booths. For about 300 yen you could have your photo taken and edited to look like a cartoon character. I, of course, went overboard and chose the options to make us very bright and white and also to give us GIANT pupils. Yea, it sounds scary but it was SO funny and cute. We did it a few times for fun and laughs. Then, you get to add hearts, rainbows you name it and you get two copies. It was really fun and I suggest that you do this because it will give you a good laugh. After awhile though the cuteness actually made me feel sick haha. I had enough…

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