i quit my job and moved to guam

Don’t Be Ashamed!

In May, Peter’s coworker invited us to his family’s house to celebrate the Inarajan fiesta. We headed down to the beautiful village, following the directions he gave Peter, the party was located across from the church. It happened to be a beautiful, but HOT day in Inarajan. The village is gorgeous and I want to spend more time exploring the historical buildings and beach. Just as most of Guam is influenced heavily by Spanish culture, Inarajan felt like I was back in Spain in the village that my father is from.

We walked onto the Duenas family property, where TONS of other people were enjoying themselves. This was the first Chamorro fiesta that I’d ever been to. I don’t know if all the people at the fiesta were related to one another, but it was a huge party. There were canopies set up, a band playing, a bar, and so much food!!!!  We cooled off under one of the canopies before we braved the buffet style food tables. I spotted a few tables where fruit was piled high. One thing I love about Guam is the way people celebrate. Like I’ve said before, if there’s cause for celebration, no matter what the reason, they will go all out. Everyone loves to share food and feed anybody that’s in the area. It has taken me some time to get used to, I always feel uncomfortable eating people’s food.  My dad raised me to never eat unless invited and to only get what I could eat, but in Guam it’s different. Peter and I walked to the intimidating table of Chamorro food. I was so excited to eat! I grabbed a plate and began picking out my favorites. When I sat down I watched as other people piled food on their plates. When I say pile I mean PILE. Mounds of food on these styrofoam plates that looked like they were going to break. Then I saw a lady grab a bushel of bananas from the fruit table and another grab a whole, uncut pineapple. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Is fruit that expensive on Guam that you have to take them from family parties? I went back for dessert but made the mistake of grabbing a small plate. As I was eating my cake and cookies Peter’s coworker came up to me and said, “Why did you get that plate?!” Then he said it, what I’ve heard so many Guamanians say to me whenever food was concerned, “Don’t be ashamed, take what you want!” I felt a little embarrassed the next day when all of Peter’s coworkers were talking about how I took the small plate and no one EVER uses the small plate.

If I knew then what I know now, I’d have taken a pineapple home and gone for seconds! So if you’re ever in Guam: always take more food than you can eat, if you’re at a fiesta it’s okay to take the fruit home with you and if someone ever says, “Don’t be ashamed!” that means you’re not eating enough and you better eat more!


My Favorite Places to Eat on Guam – Part 1

My favorite places to eat:

Table 35 –

I’ve been here a handful of times, usually on a Friday night, and every time they have run out of most of the food on the menu. That doesn’t deter me because the ambiance; crystal chandelier, island jazz band that plays on the weekend, low lighting and delicious food; is enjoyable. It feels like I’m not in Guam anymore and maybe in some cool city somewhere! I ordered a bottle of wine, had some great sausage pasta and mushroom soup and listened to the music. They serve a lot of seafood and the prices start at $11. It’s not a place I’d go to every weekend, but definitely for a special occasion or date night. I’ve also only been there in the evening, I hear there are lunch specials that I’d like to try sometime.

Meskla and Meskla Dos-

Meskla is a Chamorro fusion restaurant that impressed me with just their salad! The salad dressing was unique and tasted great, the meats were all very good and the service was fast. If you want to go on a nice dinner date or special occasion, Meskla is another good place to eat.

Meskla Dos is a burger place across from K Mart. The burgers start at $8 and they are MASSIVE and hearty. The fries are seasoned and my favorite. Everything on the menu is good. I recommend the grilled cheese burger with fries or the fiesta plate.

Century Lanes Bowling Alley-

Yes can you believe it I love the bowling alley food! At the moment they are remodeling, but they were home to my favorite hamburger — the onion ring burger. They also have a restaurant that serves Filipino and Chamorro food and it’s GOOD!

Tu Re’-

I love this place. It’s a fancy coffee shop that also serves breakfast, lunch and din din. Not to mention it’s set right on the beach and has an incredible view of the ocean. The ribs are my favorite. The downside is that the outdoor seating attracts tons of flies so most of the time you are swatting them away. It’s very nice and reasonably priced.


In the village of Agana, Caliente is the closest thing to authentic Mexican food. My favorite is to get a seat at the bar and order appetizers!

Katre Bistro-

I went here for Valentine’s day and had a four course meal (first one EVER!). Unlike everywhere else on Guam, their Valentine’s Day special was about $35 and it was surprisingly good. The presentation was fancy and I really loved it. The downside is that the seating is a little too small and cramped. I have very long legs and it was uncomfortable and I kept banging my legs on the table.

The Beach at Gun Beach-

Another great place for food, music and ocean views. I ate here for the first time about a month ago. I ordered the Greek salad and the burger with this special spicy sauce. INCREDIBLE! I mean if you can get past the 80s hair band rock music going on in the background, you will love the food here. Which is surprising because I thought it was nothing more than just a beach bar! Also the perfect place to watch a beautiful Guamanian sunset.


Places to Skip:

Meskla on the Beach – BAD service and okay food.

Shirley’s – Fried rice was cold and very dry also expensive and not worth it.

Margarita’s – Salsa tasted like it had been frozen, stale chips and overly fried everything. Nothing special.

Proa – Highly overrated. Every time I’ve gone there, the cuts of meat they served were fatty and bad. Do try the desserts though!

Ban Thai –  Overpriced and sloppy. Overrated.

There are SO many restaurants on Guam and I LOVE eating out! Although I haven’t eaten at every single one, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite restaurants and a few that I don’t really like. Guam is very small and even though there are a lot of restaurants, it’s nothing compared to what’s available in The States. For this reason, I think people who have lived here their whole life have been accustomed to and have set low standards for the restaurants on Guam.

I’m hungry now, time to eat!

What’s a Guam?

Yes, someone actually asked me, “What’s a Guam?” As if it were a thing and not a country! I don’t blame most people for not knowing about Guam. Before I moved here, I really didn’t know much about it. I don’t even think I knew it was a U.S. territory, but I did know that it was a country somewhere. So here are my reasons why most people have probably never heard of Guam!

1. Like I mentioned, it’s a U.S. territory and not one of the 50 states.

2.  VERY isolated. You should probably find a world map and search the Pacific Ocean. Way further West than Hawaii!

3. I’m pretty sure many people in the U.S. don’t consider Guam to be American. Quite a few people I talked to thought it to be a foreign country

4. Not known for any exports.

5. Very expensive to fly to. From the west coast it costs about $1,500 at all times of the year. It would be cheaper and easier to just go to Hawaii, if you are flying from the U.S.

6. There isn’t a really big population of Guamanians living in The States. Unlike the U.S.’s other territory, Puerto Rico, which is closer to the U.S. with a larger community living in The States.

7. As far as I can remember of school, Guam’s role in WWII wasn’t taught. I don’t think Guam was ever mentioned in school.

8. But probably the number one reason why people haven’t heard of Guam is because it is very far from U.S., possibly the furthest U.S. territory.

Before reading my blog, had you heard of Guam?