hair problems

Humidity Is Not Friendly


Even though there was really no way that someone could describe the humidity in Guam to me, I wish I could have really known just HOW humid Guam can be before I arrived. The humidity is far beyond anything I could have imagined. I’ve been to Hawaii before, but that was nothing compared to what I felt when I stepped outside of the air conditioned airport and into the hot, sticky air in Guam for the first time. It took me a long while before my breathing was normal again and it took me MONTHS before I stopped sweating profusely. I would be sitting, doing nothing and still feel overheated and sweaty! Yes, it was uncomfortable and disgusting. Slowly but surely my body adjusted to this new norm and I felt much better. Even though I’m complaining, I prefer the heat and humidity to what I came from in the north western¬†side of Oregon, which was rain and gloom. Along with the sweaty, stickiness I felt due to the humidity, my hair went WILD! I have naturally wavy, thick hair and when it was exposed to the humidity, it tried to straighten in a large, fluffy, crazy way. Nothing would help. I tried to straighten it and the moment I stepped outside it became large and fluffy again. That was just a dreadful time for me. Oh and if you wear makeup, just forget about it because it will not stay put! All you really need are sunblock, water and to sit still!

Now, a year later I’m feeling very well adjusted to the weather. I don’t get overheated and I know how far to push myself in the heat. My hair on the other hand, is still struggling . There’s not much for me to do about it. ¬†One day I noticed that it was beginning to lighten and feel very dry due to the sun, so I had it cut to my chin. As of now, it’s in the growing process. To keep it from being damaged by the sun I use leave in condition and spray sun screen mixed with water to protect it. Because of the way my hair texture has changed, I usually just tie it back. It has grown quickly and I’m getting the urge to cut it off again. Sometimes it makes me want to cry and sometimes I wish it would just make up its mind. I’d much appreciate any suggestions to manage this tangled, jungle-like hair of mine!