fresh water cave

Marbo Cave

If you don’t know already, I’m a bit of a scaredy-cat. So visiting Marbo Cave for the first time was scary to me on its own, but doing it at night while my friends were talking about being attacked by wild pigs and being in the jungle just set my nerves nearly over the edge! Walking down to the cave was a bit slippery and very hard to see, amazingly we found two Coconut Crabs along the way (post about that to come soon)! I’m not quite sure what the plan was for Marbo Cave, but it looks as though the beginning of a park was built. As you walk down to the cave entrance, there is a platform just over the blue water (I have an obsession with blue, clear water in case you haven’t noticed). BUT! The best part is just to the left and over the large rocks. Behind that you will find the deepest part of the pool. Looks like the water is at least 30 feet deep. Perfect for jumping in and swimming. You can also swim under rocks and onto the other side. How can a scaredy-cat  jump into water this deep you ask? Well, I was pushed in! I swam around until I found a part of the cave wall that was suitable for holding and I hung on for dear life!

This is a fresh water pool so after swimming in the ocean for the last few months, it was quite a work out. It’s also very deep and very dark. We brought along candles and waterproof flashlights and snorkel gear. The pictures you see are from my second trip to the cave, during the daytime and minus the swimming.

If you walk into the jungle a bit you will come to a cliff that looks out beyond the ocean. Beautiful view!

Update: I recently found out that the fresh water in the cave was used for the soldiers during WWII .