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Things People Want to Know About Guam 3

It’s that time again!

Part 1

Part 2

1. What’s the weather like in Guam?

Always hot & humid. Even though people refer to the summer months as summertime, there are really only two seasons: dry and rainy. Before I moved here I asked someone what the weather was like and she said, “When it’s hot, it’s really hot and when it rains it really rains.” At the time I thought to myself, “What kind of answer is that!?” Now that I live here, I completely understand. There’s no in-between in Guam, it’s either super hot and dry or super hot and rainy. It never sprinkles but always POURS.


2. Things to know about Guam?

I think it’s important to know about the history of the island and people. It might explain a lot about life here too. Sometimes the beaches are under advisory, which means there are high amounts of dangerous bacteria in the water that can make you sick.   The people born in Guam are U.S. citizens and speak English.


3. What’s life like on Guam?

It’s both relaxed and chaotic.


4. Worries living in Guam?

I worry about typhoons during the rainy season, about the cost of flying home in an emergency, and about needing medical care that can’t be found on island.


5. Are there any giant animals living in the deep blue sea we didn’t discover?

We shall soon find out. James Cameron was in Guam filming his deep sea dive into the Mariana Trench!


6. Is it easy to meet people in Guam?



7. Vacation Guam or Philippines?

If you’re looking for safety or family vacation, Guam might be more appealing. Personally, if I had to choose I’d say the Philippines simply because money will go further. You can experience both the major metropolitan life in Manila and then take an affordable flight to another of the Phillippine islands, like Boracay or Palawan, and have a more relaxing and laid back trip. Sorry Guam, but you’re just too expensive.


8. Russian places in Guam?

There is a Russian restaurant that just opened a few months ago. Other than that, there aren’t really any Russian places, so that might be a great business opportunity for someone. I think people are slowly realizing that there’s been an increase in Russian visitors and hopefully will make things more Russian-friendly.


9. Fuji Ichiban Guam menu party tray

Can I come to the party?


10. Gun culture Guam

The gun laws are pretty strict here. So I haven’t really heard much about gun culture other than people hunting.


11. Does Guam get snow?



12. How big are cockroaches in Guam?

Pretty big. I’ve seen one the length of my palm. They also fly around at night 😦


13. Why do people hate Guam?

Someone who has lived in Guam for more than 20 years told us that Guam is 15 years behind the U.S. and the other Micronesian islands are like 30 years behind. So I can see why people who aren’t from here might not like it. It’s quite dirty, people seem resistant to change, and the government has been slow at implementing things like basic recycling.


14. Best steaks on Guam?

We’ve been to Avenue (Tumon), Sea Grill (Tumon), and Angus Steak and Grille (Harmon) and all three were delicious with excellent service.



Who Rents a Convertible During Typhoon Weather?!?!

   WE DID!!


Since we haven’t done any traveling this year, we decided to extend our 4th of July holiday weekend and do something fun. We’d been planning our Guam stay-cation for over month. We were going to rent a convertible and drive around the island and also go zip lining. But the weather in Guam had other plans for us. When our long weekend arrived, so did a tropical storm.

We hung out at The Beach Bar with some friends Thursday evening and, that should have been our warning, we were blasted with sand as gusts of wind came through. At the end of our evening, the rain started pouring down. The next morning it wasn’t raining but it was gloomy and so, so windy. For some reason we thought it was still a good idea to rent a convertible and cruise the island.

That evening all of the 4th of July festivities had been cancelled so we ate at Arashi Bowl in Harmon. From the outside it doesn’t look like much, but once you open the door Manga artwork covers the walls and it’s really cool! The food was delicious too!


Saturday morning we woke up, hopped in the car and began our drive south. During our drive down we’d feel drops of rain, pull over, put the top back up, drive off, think the rain had stopped, pull over, put the top back down. We did this until we reached Piti and saw a HUGE, dark cloud hovering over the village and felt the cold breeze. The weather was all downhill from there. We continued on South, pulling over a few times because the visibility in the rain was terrible. We ended up at Jeff’s Pirates Cove and had a late lunch. The rain intensified and so did the wind and incredible thunder and lightening! We stayed there for a couple of hours but the storm was only getting stronger. Finally, the time came and we needed to drive back to the car rental to return the car.


Later that evening the storm had calmed a bit so we walked to the Tumon BBQ Block Party. We ate empanadas from Sea Grill and tried some of the BBQ meats. At the end, we stopped for fresh coconut water and decided to go home. I think the rest of our weekend was spent trying to stay dry. I guess I should say goodbye to the dry season and an unwelcome hello to the rainy season! Stay dry, Guam!


My Favorite Places to Eat Part 2

Hey all!!! Peter and I sometimes feel like we run out of indoor things to do in Guam. We’re always asking, “What do people in Guam do for fun?!?!” The answer seems to be, “Eat!” So we’ve been eating a lot and I’d like to make you hungry! I went to TuRe’ Cafe for the Friday night music performance and had a delicious burger. For Peter’s birthday we had an extremely good steak dinner at the very fancy Avenue Steak & Lobster in Tumon. I don’t eat beef often, but there wasn’t much of a choice and Avenue’s steak was SO good!

Overall my experience in Guam has been that many restaurants lack in customer service. It seems that once we have been seated and our order taken, no one comes to check on us again for the rest of the meal. I’ve grown used to this, but I don’t let it stop me from eating! We walked out once at Samurai when they ignored us for 30 minutes while we were waiting for our order to be taken. We watched three groups of people seated and served, we’ve never gone back since. Also, something that annoys Peter is the service charge that is automatically charged to the bill at most restaurants in Tumon. I’ve seen this done before in countries where tipping isn’t customary. I’m not quite sure where the service charge goes and if you’re still supposed to leave a full tip or the difference in the service charge (usually 10-15%).

Vitales vs. Capricciosa-

Both of these are Italian restaurants. Capricciosa is a little bland, family-style eating, will fill you but not something you’d want to pay for. Many of my coworkers had suggested Capricciosa’s seafood dishes, since I don’t eat seafood, maybe those are better than the chicken Alfredo dish I ordered. After all the hype I heard about Capricciosa, I was so disappointed and will never go there again! Vitales seems more authentic to me. I was actually skeptical of Vitales after my less than satisfactory meal at Capricciosa. I ordered the tortellini filled with cheese covered in a creamy white  sauce (a lactose intolerant person’s nightmare). Peter had some tubular pasta in red sauce. My meal was very good, rich, and I order it every time I go there. Each meal came with a loaf of bread. We didn’t know that so we ordered a side of cheesy bread. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and flavor.  Although the service is terrible, in my opinion, Vitales wins this battle!


Fuji Ichiban-

You can’t come to Guam without eating here. On top of the great Japanese food, it’s opened 24/7!! If you see a line and it looks crowded, be warned, your service will probably be terrible. My favorites are the gyoza and fried sweet and sour chicken. It’s very loud and busy and whenever you enter they welcome you in Japanese! This is one place I will miss if I ever leave Guam. Peter assured me that we would be able to find restaurants like this anywhere. He also said this was like Japanese fast food, but who cares, it’s so good!

House of Brutus-

This is a favorite of mine. Drinks, burgers and GREAT music. What more could you ask for?



This is my favorite ramen place so far. Misoya is on Fujita Road in Tumon. They use all fresh and natural ingredients. I had ever tried ramen until I came to Guam. I first tried it at Ajisen and I thought it was OKAY.  Then a friend recommended Misoya, which we’d seen once while walking by. The servers were quick, attentive, and very informative. I had a very pleasant time here, the ramen is delicious and I can’t wait to go back!


 Mosa’s Joint-

Peter said this place is his new favorite burger place. He ordered the mushroom burger and I had the Greek Platter with chicken. Average prices for Guam, good food. At first we thought it was going to be one of those shady bars like the bar next to it. But when we opened the doors and walked in, it was nothing like we thought. The outside is deceiving because when you walk in, it’s small, with tables, colorful local artwork on the walls, and great food! Award-winning burgers!


Other places to try:

  • Al Dente Italian restaurant in the Hyatt Regency in Tumon (semi-fine dining). Try the gnocchi!!
  • Sakura House Japanese food in Upper Tumon. I didn’t enjoy this because it was mostly seafood, but Peter said it was really good and he wants to go back.
  • Pho Noodle House in Tamuning good Pho and lumpia!
  • Von’s Chicken (one of my favorites!!!!) I love the garlic, boneless chicken!!! Another of my most favorite places to eat.
  • Sea Grill- Peter and I ate here for Valentine’s Day. I only wanted to go because I had tasted their chicken empanadas once and was craving them. They are so good and the service is very good.

Skip the food at The Beach Bar on Gun Beach. Recently, they’ve changed their menu. The prices are the same, but the food is TERRIBLE. They’ve gone for cheap food, high prices. Too bad.


Filipino Snacks in Guam

I LOVE snacks! Being soooo close to the Philippines means that we get a ton of imported Filipino goods. Not only are they delicious, but they also have super funny names! Here are a few pictures of things I picked up to send out to family and friends back in The States.

Lots of chocolatey goodness right here…and WHAT is Ding Dong??  We have everything from dried mango balls, garlic chips, banana chips and chocolate sticks.

Hmmm if you speak Spanish then you know what this means, so you can understand why I took this photo. I was like, “What the…” Seems as though this is a delicious dessert which I will be trying soon!

And last but not least KicKer. Looks and tastes JUST like KitKat!

I purchased all of these snacks at American Grocery (ironically sells mostly Asian products) and a specialty shop that sells Filipino food!