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Guam’s Fruity Festivals

I LOVE fruit, so when I saw the advertisement about the Banana Festival at Ipan beach I was more than excited! I think this was either the 2nd or 3rd year for this festival. Everything was cute, from the carabao rides to the banana princess!

There were even games, like the one Peter played where he had to choose a crab and make him get to the end of a maze by pushing him with a large leaf.

There were so many beautiful flowers for sale. I really like the colors of tropical flowers. I also watched a few of the cultural dance performances  Chamorro culture is VERY similar to that of Mexican culture, which makes sense because both have been heavily influenced by the Spanish.

It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. We even made it in the local newspaper!

Even better than bananas…mangoes! The next festival I went to was the mango festival in Agat. This one seemed more organized and had a much larger attendance. They crowned the mango queen, had a mango competition and other entertainment. I had a rice ball and a pineapple slush drink, both were delicious. The sweet rice ball has a strange texture and is quite sticky. I also bought some coconut oil from a local vendor which smells incredibly good. Even better was the location of the festival. The sunset was amazing and breathtaking. Sometimes I forget where I am.