About Me


Welcome to my world! I’ve been living in Guam for over two years and created this blog purely for my enjoyment and a place to document my adventures. I hope you find something interesting or nostalgic here.

Things You Might Want to Know:

  1. I moved to Guam to travel and live with my partner.
  2. I’m from Oregon.
  3. I have a B.A. in Business.
  4. I’ve traveled to Spain, Denmark, England, Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, California, D.C., Ohio, Kentucky and plan to add to the list!



  1. Just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog and am enjoying it and your perspective of various aspects of Guam. Most blogs about Guam, and which are owned by people from Guam, tend to be very polarized in viewpoint, opinion, and discussion. I am from Guam originally, and my own blog tends to be that way when I post about home. So it is refreshing to read from those who think ‘outside the box’ naturally and objectively. Good work!

  2. Hi Antonia,

    First of all, I wanna say I love reading your blog! I’m from hawaii and I will be moving to Guam next month. I’m exited and scared at the same time. I’m gonna live with my boyfriend who lives at Dededo. How long did you wait before getting a job? Is it really hard to find a job there?

    Thank you for your time!


  3. Ms. Antonia,

    I’m sure you get a lot of these kind of replies, but I am currently working on my own plan to move to guam next summer. My wife is filipina, and I’d like to think we are as prepared as we can be, but I know there will always be things you don’t expect. I am a bit of an internet noob – no facebook, twitter, etc. But I’d love to discuss a few things, when you have a moment, perhaps by email. Would be very nice to have some acquaintances there. My wife already has several filipino friends there. Thank you for your time.

    Jarrod Nichols

  4. I enjoyed your blog about Guam, I wish there was more. I am heading to Guam by the new year to start a job there as a doctor. I have been getting mixed information from different sources and I can’t make up my mind one way or another. On one end it seems like a third world country in every sense and on another is a paradise. Any further information would be much appreciated.

    1. If you are the type of person who can adapt easily to change, enjoy the outdoors and doesn’t mind being in the sun or heat; then yes Guam is the place for you. Guam isn’t a third world country because it is a U.S. territory, so that means we have the same minimum wage as the U.S., there are the same government agencies that provide help to low income people and there is a very low number of homelessness. In other ways it can seem like a third world country when it comes to government corruption, infrastructure and location on island. At the end of the day, it’s a beautiful island, you will probably get the chance to do a lot of traveling, snorkeling, and diving. Guam isn’t perfect and there is room for improvement like any other place. I think it’s great that you will be a new doctor on island!!! What a great opportunity. Thank you for reading, I will try to get another post up about what to expect when you move to Guam!!

      1. Learning so much from your blog! It’s very eye-opening, even for a born and raised guamanian.
        Thanks for your honest opinion 🙂

  5. Hi Antonio, I love your blog! More so because I can relate a lot as I also quit my job and moved to Guam. What was initially a “let’s just give it one year & see what happens” attitude has turned into 2.5 years of life & growth on Guam.

  6. Your blog made me miss Guam! My wife and I live there for 4 years from 1996 to 2000. I seem to like islands as I’ve lived in Oahu, and Okinawa for 4-year stretches each. The great diving around Guam and the near bath water warmth in the summer made the water soooo inviting. Big Navy was a great place to go snorkeling, with beautiful sea life just a few steps off the shore. Concerning rain, first thing I learned was to always put the top up on a convertible when parking the car. Several times I came back to the car on a sunny day and an errant cloud dumped a puddle in my car during the short time I was gone. I was there during the KAL crash at Nimitz Hill. Right next to the pieces of wreckage, providing Comm support for the search/rescue/cleanup. Terrible tragedy. Typhoon Paka happened when I was there as well. I heard it had one of the highest sustained wind speeds (unofficially because the anemometer snapped off in the wind). Found a very interesting piece of driftwood on a beach, which I call “The Boonie Dog” due to it kind of resembling one. As you’ve discovered, Guam is tiny, but packed with interesting things to see/do. I hope you continue to enjoy that little paradise you’ve found. 🙂

  7. My family is originally from Guam, but I was born and raised in NY. My husband, kids and I just got back from a two week vacation there (just made it out before Halong closed the airport). It was my 3rd visit, but this one is sticking with me unlike any of the previous times. We have already discussed the possibility of maybe someday making the big move (my husband fell head over heels in love with Guam). I enjoyed going through your entries. You came to a lot of the same insights that we did. I hope you continue to enjoy your stay on Guam. It’s a phenomenal place to be, for sure!

  8. Howdy! My name is Rusty. I grew up in Virginia and joined the Army back in ’08. Since then i’ve seen alot of the world and all the 48. I left the Army last December, and can’t find a place where I fit in. So I bought a world atlas and started flippin pages. And chose Guam. I had a bunk mate in the army from Guam and I remember his stories about the island. I bought a ticket and leave Friday. Your blog just sealed the deal, and made me alot less nervous about this all. Thank you!

  9. Hafa adai Antonia!

    I stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did!

    My father is a native Chamorro, he joined the military after high school. He and my mother raised their 8 children off-island. My mother spent her high school years on Guam, and shares her fond memories of her life there.

    Growing up stateside, we were always proud of our heritage, but felt we didn’t really know what Guam life was really like. My husband, also Chamorro (born and raised in Guam), welcomed any opportunity to move back home, but even he couldn’t really prepare this “Hawaii-raised” island girl for the Guam life. As adults, myself and 2 siblings had the chance to move our own families to Guam. We slowly each ended up leaving Guam back for Hawaii after about 1-3 years.

    As I read through your blog, it’s so refreshing! I love the fact that you found the beauty that can only be witnessed with your own eyes. After living on Guam, I have repeatedly told other siblings who have yet to visit Guam, the beauty and splendor Guam has to offer. I encourage them that time is of the essence, because much of Guam is eroding away and changing.

    Thank you for putting into words so much of the same thoughts I share. It is especially true of the bittersweet feeling of sadness choosing to leave Guam and head back to the states. I now have an accurate, honest and fun blog to direct family to when they ask about life on Guam.

    1. Thank you for reading! I have recently moved off island to be closer to family, but there is now a hole in my heart. Definitely missing the island and I feel like we might end up going back!

  10. I spent 4 weeks on Guam in 1994 while in the Navy. I didn’t want to leave. Those brief 4 weeks left me with some of my fondest and most cherished memories of my youth. Initially, I wasn’t too thrilled about visiting Guam…the mere name doesn’t exactly conjure up visions of paradise, but boy, did I fall in love with the place! Got certified to scuba dive while there and practically turned into a fish. Sun, scuba, tropical paradise and youth…man what an intoxicating combination!

    I drove around every inch of that island, and the beauty around each and every corner never ceased to amaze me. Guam is what I thought Hawaii was going to look like!
    You’ve got guts, picking up and moving across the ocean. I often fantasize about going back to Guam. Until then, I’ve got my memories and your blog! Thanks!

  11. I really enjoyed your article about abandoned buildings on Guam and I just wanted to ask how to get to that abandoned Navy building in Dededo?

  12. This blog gives me butterflies, your life sounds so exciting. I would love to visit or maybe even retire in Guam, but it’s so far away from Ohio…..maybe someday Are there any short term volunteer opportunities there?

  13. Loved your blog, thank you. My wife & I are on a journey through life that includes living all over the US, on our boat, in Key West and soon the Caribbean. Why did you leave? It seemed abrupt and unexplained and I think it would be good for readers to know. We see it all the time in Key West, people love it for 2-4 years then disappear. We have been there 14 years…

    Thanks again, please reply if you have time 🙂

    1. In my last post I mentioned why we moved. Guam is definitely a great place to settle, but I’m not ready to settle yet! I love exploring and island life can be limiting 🙂

  14. I did not see that, don’t know how! Thanks!!! Your blog brought back so many feelings for us. We left the Keys for a job opportunity for my wife and we are in North Carolina. We had said one year, two at the most and it has been one year. The money is nice, as is living on 8 acres, but we said just the other day we would rather struggle and be on our island that to have money and have to suffer being land locked. Now the goal is to get enough money to not have to do without ever again so we’ll have to see.

    The Keys are great, certainly nothing like the rest of Florida but it misses what Guam seems to have, the people. We will plan a visit because of your blog, but I can’t even imagine falling in love with it, deciding to move there, and taking out boat that far; But what a journey it would be!

    Thanks again!

    Rich & Marcie

  15. Found this Blog and couldn’t stop reading. I understand all too well the emotional tug of war with having make that decision to leave. Thank you so much for your Blog, I know this took a lot of effort. I hope you continue to share your adventure with us.

  16. Thank you for the insight and information. I will be travelling to Guam for business next week. I will share this information with co-workers.

  17. hello thank you for the heads up about guam. I’ve have recently visited a friend there and fell in love with the island and the people. I am also planning to move there with my family but I would go first to open my bussiness. other articles have mention to at least have enough money to live there while looking for a job. Roughly around 7 months plus a flight back home if need be. What would be your opinion of how much money would be required to sustain those 7 months? thank you again!

  18. Hi Antonia – Not sure if you monitor this still, but I really enjoyed reading your blog from start to finish over the course of the last week or so. My parents were stationed in Guam in the air force in the 70’s, and it’s become an increasing interest for me over the years. We’re planning on a family vacation to Guam in the next year or two and bringing my mom along. How is Guam for children (4 and 7), from a vacation and permanent residence perspective?

    1. Hi there! What a wonderful trip to take your mom back to Guam. Things have changed a lot since she was last on island, but it’s still very beautiful. Guam is a very family oriented island. My husband and I were kind of anomalies for not having kids. People prioritize family and there are kids everywhere. It’s beautiful and I think a wonderful experience for children. I hope you’re able to make it out to Guam!

  19. Hi there,

    I really enjoyed your site! I was born and raised in Guam. I lived in Tumon as well (Happy Landing Road, to be exact). Moved to Washington state for college. I loved all the outdoor activities that Guam has to offer. But the heat just kills me! Really loved the PNW. Everything you mentioned in the FAQs is pretty much spot on. Thank you for keeping it real and well-balanced. Wish you and your husband all the best! You two make such a lovely couple.


  20. Possibly moving to Guam and curious what are the cheapest flights back to the states?

    Also I am debating to wait until after our baby will born and come after my husband. Thoughts?

    Is it true most fly to Hawaii for health care?

    Thoughts on purchasing a house over renting?

    Are there water parks and apañado pads for children and families?

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