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Some of you may have been listening to Guam’s The Breakfast Show on K57 last Monday morning when Peter and I were being interviewed! Thanks to Patti Arroyo and the person who found my blog and suggested she interview me, I had the opportunity of being on the radio for the first time. For those of you that know me, I’m a pretty reserved and shy person so the thought of having to talk about myself on the radio left me feeling really anxious. Patti reached out to me while my parents were visiting and we set a date for the interview. I was unsure of how this would turn out and I didn’t tell too many people about it. When the morning of the interview arrived, I woke up with a cold! I remember saying to Peter, “The good thing about radio is that no one is going to see me so I can look a little bummy.” To my surprise, when I walked into the station, Patti mentioned that we’d be on local access T.V. !!! Just my luck 😉 Anyway, the interview went well and it felt like I was just having a conversation with a friend. I developed a newfound respect for radio hosts and the way they can come up with questions or topics on the spot. Thankfully Peter was by my side and accompanied me to the interview. We were able to share this experience together and tell our story! If you’d like to listen to the two part interview you can find it here.

I’m still surprised at the attention my little blog has received, especially in the last few months! Thank you everyone who reads, shares, comments, and just generally supports me ❤


P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Guide to Guam in Two Weeks

Hello there! I’m back from my break with a post about my busy month of February. The reason I took a break was because my mom and stepdad came to Guam all the way from Oregon! I’d invited my mom to visit, when I first moved here, but didn’t think she’d want to make that 18 + hour long journey. Surprisingly, one day she emailed me a copy of her itinerary and said she and my stepdad were coming to Guam for two weeks! I was so excited and they were probably even more excited to take a vacation. I immediately began planning activities for us to do, things I wanted them to see while they were here, and places we could eat. We pretty much did everything on my list!! I thought I’d share our plans in case some of you out there wanted to know what to do in Guam. We did more activities in between the ones I listed below and they did some things on their own, but I just listed the things that I had planned out for them.

Day 1 * We started with a morning walk along the beach in Tumon and Chamorro Village Wednesday night in Agana.

Day 2 * Peter and I taught my mom how to snorkel in Tumon, later we visited Gun beach and walked to Fai Fai beach but it was too hot so we headed back to Gun beach and had drinks at The Beach Bar. We also visited the Lina’La Beach & Culture Park at Gun beach. Later we had dinner at Fuji Ichiban.

Day 3 * This day we drove to different viewpoints around Nimitz hill like the Asan Beach Overlook, we also walked toward the Japanese field hospital to see bamboo, later that evening my parent’s celebrated Valentine’s Day by going on the Big Sunset BBQ Boat Cruise.

Day 4 * We woke up VERY early and headed to the  Dededo Farmer’s Market, in the evening we partied it up at the Tree Bar at the Hilton for drinks and dancing.

Day 5 * I’d researched if there would be any events happening on island in February and Inarajan was having a cultural festival! We participated in Tuba drinking competition, coconut husking and net throwing. It was so much fun! We also visited the museum and ended the day with dinner at Jeff’s Pirate Cove.

Day 6 * My mom and I shopped in Tumon then hopped on the red trolley to the Micronesia mall! Peter and my stepdad hiked to the Talofofo caves and the Tarzan swim hole.

Day 7 * We drove down south to Merizo and stopped at the belltower, Kombento, Santa Marian Kamalen park, and Priest’s Pools.  We also visited Umatac‘s Fort Soledad. Along the way we stopped at Cetti and Sella Bay viewpoints. This night we were able to go to House of Brutus for dinner and Jazz music.

Day 8 * In the morning the weather was a bit gloomy and rainy so we decided to go to the Underwater World aquarium (which was pretty good and better than the Oregon Aquarium!!). Later, when the weather improved, we had a beach BBQ at Ypao beach park. We watched the sun set at Ohana clubhouse while having dinner then we walked to the Outrigger Bambu Cafe for drinks and music.

Day 9 * We drove south to the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center, then went fishing at Masso Watershed/Resevoir.

Day 10 * We spent the day at Ritidian snorkeling, swimming and hiking. In the evening we had something to celebrate so we stopped for drinks at Gecko bar in the Reef hotel, had dinner at Meskla, and music at Bambu Cafe in Outrigger.

Day 11 * Peter and my stepdad hiked to Waterfall Valley while my mom and  I shopped at GPO.

Day 12 * We stopped at Piti Guns, Yogurtland after a hot day, Agana Cathedral, Plaza de España, Latte Park, Fort Santa Agueda in Agana, Two Lover’s PointTanguisson/Hilaan Beach, and dinner at Max’s Tropical Cafe (Thai food).

Day 13 * Marbo cave.

Day 14 *  Talofofo falls park (we skipped Loveland this time haha), Agana cathedral and gift shop, one last dinner with music by Jesse & Ruby at the Bambu cafe.

It was so much fun planning activities for my guests and seeing their excitement over things that I have taken for granted. I felt so refreshed and fell in love with Guam all over again, thanks to them. I feel really happy that they were able to experience my life and I’m sure they now understand why I love Guam! I was also really happy to spend some quality time with my mom and she even cooked for me ❤ They were wonderful guests!



Uno Magazine Best Blog 2013


I receive a lot of lovely messages on my Facebook page from people all over the world inquiring about life in Guam. Last month I received a different kind of message from the Editor-in-Chief for Uno Magazine Guam. I was asked if they could put my blog in their “2013 in Review Best of Guam” issue for “Best Blog.” My first reaction was, “Is this real?” Then I was like, “Woohoo yessss!” Thank you Uno Magazine for acknowledging my blog and for the very nice write up. What a great way to end 2013!

Happy Holidays!

Even though there is some controversy as to why we shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or what actually happened, I like to take that day and think about all I have to be thankful for. I like to spend time with people I love, eat food and relax. So that’s what Thanksgiving is to me. In Guam, even though Thanksgiving might not really apply, any reason to eat and spend time with family is enough! This year it was just the two of us again celebrating Thanksgiving together.  It was quiet and small, but enjoyable.

I thought I’d join in on The Holiday Season Tag that Charlotte from Sherbet and Sparkles created. So click the photo below and go read her post!!

1. Do people celebrate anything at this time of year where you are? Are there any special customs?

As a mostly Catholic island, Christmas is a big deal. There is also a special day to Guam on the 8th of December. There is a huge procession for Saint Kamalen, who watches over the Marianas Islands.

2. Do you feel that you are missing out on anything by not being in your home country around the holidays?

I am definitely missing out on spending the holidays with my family in Oregon/Idaho, besides that, Peter and I usually cook or do something special like hiking or swimming at the beach.

3. Do you go back home at all?

In the two years that I’ve been living in Guam, I’ve gone home once.

4. Back to your expat country! What’s the weather like during the holidays?

It’s really hard for me to feel festive, not only because I’m away from my family, but because the weather is in the 90s! This is probably the most beautiful time of the year on Guam, the rainy season is pretty much over and the sun is always shining bright. So, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas is just around the corner. I miss sweaters, boots, cold evenings, hot chocolate, and the possibility of snow! I mean I could wear boots, sweaters, and drink hot chocolate but it’s just way too hot for that right now.

5. Is there anything you’d recommend a visitor do/see/have if they are visiting your expat country around this time?

You can’t miss all the extravagant Christmas lights and mannequins set up at parks throughout Guam! Also, even if you aren’t Catholic, the cathedral in Agana is gorgeous at this time of the year.



Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Today marks my two year anniversary on Guam! I often think about that first night when my plane landed on this small, beautiful island. Prior to arriving on Guam, I spent a few days in Las Vegas and Hawaii. It was all fun and games and felt like a mini vacation during those days. My huge life choice hadn’t really hit me until the taxi cab driver pulled up to my new home and a gecko ran across the sidewalk. I then realized what I had done. I’d moved thousands of miles away from my home, leaving everything and everyone I loved, to start a new life. I’ve traveled a bit and lived in many places, but Guam was the first tropical place I had ever lived. My dream had come true! I always wanted to be an island girl. There was no way I could prepare for my new life and any plans I had made for myself went right out the window in Guam. During these past two years I have been able to travel to countries I never thought I would. There have been a lot of ups and downs during my life on Guam, but when I’m old and grey, I will look back on my life in Guam with pleasure. I’m so happy that I was able to experience this lifestyle and live in a place that most people don’t even know about. The most important thing that happened to me while in Guam was falling in love with Peter! There’s no other person I’d rather have in my memories and on my adventures than him.

Guam is such an incredibly small island, so far away from any other major country that I’m impressed by how much blogging content it has provided. There are still so many more adventures to come. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed, regularly read my blog, and supported me. I truly appreciate you all and here’s to another year!


Being Homesick Sucks

I’m not sure if I’ve been homesick since the day I arrived on Guam or if it just hit me, either way being homesick sucks. I don’t know what triggered it, but I suddenly just feel this really strong urge to go home. I’ve been having dreams of my loved ones and searching for something on Guam that will remind me of home. Over the weekend I met a man selling authentic Mexican tamales and they tasted so good. It reminded me of my family and made me feel very happy! I especially miss my mom, dad and sister. I used to see at least one of them every week and now I see none of them ever. The change is tough. The thought of being over 5,000 miles plus $1,500 away from home isn’t helping either. I can’t just hop in a car or plane and take a weekend to see my family. I am SO far away from everyone and I’m really feeling the distance right now. It’s hard to think about all the things I’m missing, so I try not to. When I moved to Guam, at first, I was excited by my new surroundings. I wanted to explore and indulge in the island. About a year later the sparkle wore off and the homesickness began. For some reason it’s just really bothering me this week. Especially since I don’t know when I will be able to take a trip back home. The gloomy weather hasn’t been helping my mood either, but I’m sure I will cheer up soon.


June in Guam!

Hey everyone happy 4th of July!!!

In June, I went in search of the dead whale that landed on Guam’s reef, snorkeled at Ritidian where I found lots of shells and polished glass and tons of friendly fish and flew my kite at Ypao Beach Park.

During June, the village of Agat held it’s annual Mango Festival, which I went to last year. This year, it was even more crowded and there were many new vendors! We arrived in the afternoon and most of the food vendors had run out of food, so we weren’t too impressed this year. I did learn that you can make doughnuts out of mango! If you know me well, you know I’m a doughnut connoisseur!!

Peter and I discovered so many new things last month. We found the Piti Guns which are HUGE Japanese guns from World War II, the park and guns are in very good condition. It is sort of hard to find, if you go to the main part of the village Piti, the entrance to the trail is by the church and you will see an information board that tells you about the park. Also in Piti is the watershed restoration project that we had no idea existed! There are trails and a nice dock with benches. It’s very peaceful and relaxing.

One of my favorite things that we did during June was fishing! Although we didn’t catch anything, I had a really good time. The sun was so hot so we were only able to fish for an hour. I think next time we will try fishing either very early in the morning or just before sunset!

Throughout the month, I filmed the different adventures I had and decided to compile all the videos into one. You can watch that below!

Thanks for reading!

Back from Home!

After two lovely weeks in Washington, Oregon and Idaho I have returned to Guam. It had been a year and half since I last saw my family, and I was really looking forward to this trip. Peter told me that when you go back home for the first time after being away for so long, you can see changes in yourself. With this in mind, I was wondering how my friends and family had changed. In a way I wanted things to be different because nearly two years have passed and I didn’t want to see anyone doing the same old thing. In another way, I didn’t want things to change too much. I wanted to come home and feel like I never left.

We arrived in Seattle to spend the weekend with Peter’s family. I went to the Seattle Space Needle for the first time! It was a really pretty day and I was lucky to be able to see the entire city! Later in the week I visited my sister, mom and dad and was able to celebrate my dad’s birthday with him! Most of the trip consisted of business and we had to squeeze family and friend time wherever we could. I’m really thankful that all of our friends and family were so understanding.

I met my girl friends at the Portland City Grill where we caught up. It was a nice evening! I was happy to see that although they were all pretty much the same, they were all doing very well and seemed happy! I missed them a lot, but everything seemed relaxed and normal and it felt like we had just seen each other last week.

Peter and I survived our first road trip together when we drove across Oregon to Eastern Oregon and Idaho. Our entire time spent in Portland was COLD and rainy. Everyone kept telling us, “Oh but last week it was so hot, I don’t know what happened.” Now that we’ve adjusted to island weather, anything below 80 degrees is COLD! So as you can imagine we were freezing the entire trip. I didn’t have any  cold weather clothes with me so I borrowed things from family. Half way through our road trip, the Oregon scenery changed to desert and the sun was shining so bright. We went back to my hometown to visit with my dad. I was so happy. I couldn’t imagine ever leaving again. I jumped out of the car as soon as we arrived and my dad was waiting outside for us. I felt overcome with a lot of emotions, but mostly I was just joyous! Home sweet home.

My dad’s house was under construction so it was an interesting week. Other than that everything went smoothly. He cooked Spanish food for us, took us out to the desert, we visited the Owyhee hot springs and taught Peter how to shoot a rifle and shotgun. Peter and I went to Boise and found the Record Exchange where we bought tons of used CDs. Later we went to the Senior Citizen Center dance and I danced with my dad while Peter danced with the ladies haha. On the weekend my grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday that turned into a family reunion. My aunts hired a Mariachi band to serenade my grandmother, which brought her to tears. We ate tons of delicious Mexican food, danced and talked. Peter met nearly my entire family on my mom’s side. They all said, “Oh what a handsome boyfriend you have!” I guess they approve of him 🙂

Throughout my trip I was sad. I knew that each day brought me closer to my departure back to Guam. I love Guam a lot. But if I have to give it up and be cold for the rest of my life just to be near my sister, mom and dad, then I will. That’s what I realized on my trip. I don’t want to miss out on anything else and I want to enjoy my life with my family. I can always come back to Guam when I’m older. I’m not leaving anytime soon, I just know that my goal is to move closer to home ❤