Guide to Guam in Two Weeks

Hello there! I’m back from my break with a post about my busy month of February. The reason I took a break was because my mom and stepdad came to Guam all the way from Oregon! I’d invited my mom to visit, when I first moved here, but didn’t think she’d want to make that […]

June in Guam!

Hey everyone happy 4th of July!!!

In June, I went in search of the dead whale that landed on Guam’s reef, snorkeled at Ritidian where I found lots of shells and polished glass and tons of friendly fish and flew my kite at Ypao Beach Park.

During June, the village of Agat held it’s annual Mango Festival, which I went to last year. This year, it was even more crowded and there were many new vendors! We arrived in the afternoon and most of the food vendors had run out of food, so we weren’t too impressed this year. I did learn that you can make doughnuts out of mango! If you know me well, you know I’m a doughnut connoisseur!!

Peter and I discovered so many new things last month. We found the Piti Guns which are HUGE Japanese guns from World War II, the park and guns are in very good condition. It is sort of hard to find, if you go to the main part of the village Piti, the entrance to the trail is by the church and you will see an information board that tells you about the park. Also in Piti is the watershed restoration project that we had no idea existed! There are trails and a nice dock with benches. It’s very peaceful and relaxing.

One of my favorite things that we did during June was fishing! Although we didn’t catch anything, I had a really good time. The sun was so hot so we were only able to fish for an hour. I think next time we will try fishing either very early in the morning or just before sunset!

Throughout the month, I filmed the different adventures I had and decided to compile all the videos into one. You can watch that below!

Thanks for reading!