Holidays in Guam

It goes without saying that, if you’re not from Guam, Christmas just isn’t the same. December is the beginning of dry season and has some of the most beautiful, sunny days. So, it’s hard to get into the spirit of the holidays. Each Christmas I’ve spent in Guam has been very untraditional for me. My usual Christmas, at home in Oregon, consisted of family and food. In Guam, we’ve spent the holidays hiking, BBQing at the beach, swimming, and this year eating at a buffet and visiting the aquarium. We try to make it fun, even though it’s not a traditional way to celebrate the holidays.

On Christmas Eve we drove to Agana where the governor’s house was decorated with Christmas lights. We were allowed to walk throughout the property. It was beautiful!

Because there are so many tourists and military people away from their families, nearly everything remains open so it’s easy to find some way to celebrate. Most of the hotels hold holiday buffets and we chose to go to Sea Grill. Our favorite duo, Jesse & Ruby, were the entertainment. We also got discounted tickets to the aquarium and won a gift certificate to eat at Sea Grill again! This Christmas, it rained throughout the day and wasn’t very nice-looking outside, so the aquarium was the perfect place to go.

After that we went home, watched some Christmas movies and fell asleep after all the eating we had done. When we woke up, we watched The Hobbit at the theater.

Hope you all had a nice holiday!


  1. Merry Christmas! True, holidays on Guam are not like the states but it’s a great opportunity to start new holiday traditions! We’ve started several traditions since having a family here. Usually, the kids each get to open one gift the day before Christmas and we also hold our own little parade through the village of Merizo on Christmas Eve. We put lights and inflatables and decorations on trailers and our cars and we throw out candy to the kids who come out. It has been a family thing for the past several years and this year another family also joined it so our little parade is slowly getting bigger. We also wait until midnight on Christmas Eve for all the kids to open all their gifts. Then once they’re sleeping, Santa comes to visit and leaves more gifts for Christmas morning. We also have a big fiesta on Christmas Day and invite friends, family, neighbors and even tourists passing by. Next year, you should take a drive down to Merizo and come and celebrate with us!

  2. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas! My first Christmas on Guam was defiantly wonderful despite the concept of traditional! While we were bummed the rain ruined our beach plans we enjoyed mudding through the puddles at the track and a lovely Christmas dinner. Thanks for the ideas of things we could do next year! Happy New Year!

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