1000 Days


So this is what 1000 days feel like.


(Source: TheyAllHateUs)

My three year Guamiversary is just around the corner! Oh how time flies, I still feel like I just arrived and I can vividly remember my feelings upon my arrival. I’ve done a lot while I’ve been here. If I had to leave tomorrow, I’d be pretty satisfied with the time I spent in Guam. Although, it went absolutely NOT as planned. That is why I don’t like to make plans anymore, I just go with the flow. So don’t ever ask me where I’ll be in five years because I don’t know and I like it that way!

The last 1000 days have consisted of some lows, highs and in betweens. I’ve had lots of sunshiny days and acquired a nice golden tan. I’ve survived tropical storms, typhoon threats, and earthquakes. I’ve eaten too much gyoza, fried rice, and bbq chicken. I’ve fallen in love and gotten engaged ❤ travelled to the Phillipines and Japan, felt island fever, hated Guam and loved it, taken thousands of pictures, laughed really hard, cried from homesickness, learned how to snorkel, parasailed, and swam in the Philippine sea. Saw a shark, dolphins, sea snakes, eels, colorful tropical fish, and a dead whale. I’ve hiked to Mt. LamLam, Sella Bay, and trekked all over the island. Drank fresh coconut water, met some really cool people, and started this blog! I’ve learned a lot about myself and who I want to be. I’ve chilled out a lot and feel peaceful, which is a new feeling to me. I no longer drive but ride on a motorcycle, which I never thought I’d do. I try to lead a very minimalistic life, spend time outside as much as possible, cook healthy meals, and never take things too serious.

Not sure how the next 1000 days will turn out, as long as Peter is with me, it doesn’t really matter!


(Photo by Damian Weiler)


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  1. I enjoy reading about your journey in Guam. My husband and I just recently moved to Guam and are going through our own adventures as well. Your blog has been so helpful before and during our move to give us some honest insight of the island. Thank you, looking forward to many more!

    Mermaid on the Move

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