Stop and Smell the Flowers

One of my favorite things about living on a tropical island are the tropical flowers! During my evening walks in Tumon I see lots of different types of flowers, but most of them are plumeria. Occasionally Peter will cut a branch from a plumeria tree so we can have fresh flowers in our home. They usually live for a week in a vase and smell incredible. Their scent is so strong that they fill my kitchen with a sweet smell and it lingers in the air when I walk past one of the large trees.

Hibiscus is another common flower here in Guam. I didn’t know that they came in so many different colors. The photograph of the white flower with a purple/pink center is one I found in Inarajan! I haven’t found one that smells nice like plumeria though.

There are also lots of other brightly colored flowers that seem to grow like weeds, but they are gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind if they grew in my garden. Most of these flowers seem to grow anywhere, abandoned homes, side of the road, everywhere! They just need sunshine and rain and they’re happy. There are so many more flowers on Guam, but these are my favorites.


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