Cute Creatures of Guam: Baby Boar!

For some reason I’m fascinated by wild boars. I’ve heard stories about them, but have yet to see one in the wild. Whenever I’m hiking, I’m always looking for boar tracks and can usually find a few. I’ve hiked along their trails in the jungle that seem to lead nowhere and often wonder if they’re buried somewhere under the boonies watching me as I walk by. If I ever saw one during a hike, I’d probably be terrified and not know what to do. But just the thought of them, out there, has me very curious about what they’re like. I’ve seen a few tame boars at the Talofofo Falls park, but recently I met this cute little guy at the beach! His owners had saved him from becoming someone’s food and were trying to find a good home for him (someone who wouldn’t eat him). He was as small as a kitten and, surprisingly, his fur felt soft. Isn’t he adorable?! I’m sure the wild boars I’d find in the jungle wouldn’t be so cute!



  1. Do you remember my black Camry? Well, in 2010 I was driving through Ipan around 4 in the morning and I came across two wild boars crossing the street. I stopped to let them cross and when they made it safely on the other side I moved slowly. It was then that a third boar came rushing out from the jungle slamming into my front passenger side. The total cost to repair was over $2500. They’re definitely not as cute as the one who photographed. Did I mention, I don’t eat pork? Haha!

  2. You and your soon to be should be very careful with those wild boars. They are not very nice at least in the states. But they taste really good when cooked right.

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