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Some of you may have been listening to Guam’s The Breakfast Show on K57 last Monday morning when Peter and I were being interviewed! Thanks to Patti Arroyo and the person who found my blog and suggested she interview me, I had the opportunity of being on the radio for the first time. For those of you that know me, I’m a pretty reserved and shy person so the thought of having to talk about myself on the radio left me feeling really anxious. Patti reached out to me while my parents were visiting and we set a date for the interview. I was unsure of how this would turn out and I didn’t tell too many people about it. When the morning of the interview arrived, I woke up with a cold! I remember saying to Peter, “The good thing about radio is that no one is going to see me so I can look a little bummy.” To my surprise, when I walked into the station, Patti mentioned that we’d be on local access T.V. !!! Just my luck 😉 Anyway, the interview went well and it felt like I was just having a conversation with a friend. I developed a newfound respect for radio hosts and the way they can come up with questions or topics on the spot. Thankfully Peter was by my side and accompanied me to the interview. We were able to share this experience together and tell our story! If you’d like to listen to the two part interview you can find it here.

I’m still surprised at the attention my little blog has received, especially in the last few months! Thank you everyone who reads, shares, comments, and just generally supports me ❤


P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


  1. Congrats Antonia and Peter! The only time I have been interviewed on the radio was when I was the manager for Malheur and Harney counties Food Banks! Our local radio station, KSRV, interviewed me to let the public know about the food bank!

  2. Antonia, Your interview was good and interesting.I will show it to your Dad when he comes over next time. Life is good here (busy ). Take care,

    Hugs, Virginia

  3. Antonia I’m so proud of you! Congrats! I hope you are invited back for future interviews! Keep it up ❤ Guam and You! 😉

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