Creepy Creatures of Guam: Bugs!

Maybe it’s the humidity, I don’t know, but all bugs in Guam seem bigger than I’ve ever seen when I lived in Oregon! There are some pretty cool ones too, like the Rhino Beetle, that I’ve never seen before. Then there are those bugs that I have seen before, only much smaller versions than the ones I see on Guam. For some reason grasshoppers like to congregate on or around my door and they are horrible at flying. As soon as I pass them they freak out, jump into the air, and fly in circles. Sometimes I’m unaware of them and they land on my clothes, get into my apartment and spazz out once inside. Peter always tries to protect me from them by shielding me as I walk past, but sometimes they fly in circles and we both run off screaming. There are also a lot of Praying Mantises, which I’m sure are around to eat all the grasshoppers. They’re so aware of their surroundings, whenever we pass by they turn their heads and watch us go. Once Peter caught a praying mantis and a grasshopper and put them in a jar together. It was only a few minutes when the mantis murdered the grasshopper and ate it. I was disgusted and Peter was intrigued (boys!). But the strangest one that I’ve never seen until I came here is the stick bug. There are also these white slugs that I saw during my Tagu’an Point walk and occasionally see around my home. They almost looked like they glowed in the dark!


  1. I heard there were a lot of huge spiders on Guam. It’s always put me off because I am TERRIFIED of spiders. Is there any truth to this rumour?

    1. There are medium-sized spiders that are brightly colored, but they never come inside and usually spin their webs in the jungle. In the states I remember spiders would come inside when it was fall/winter, but that doesn’t happen here. There are the usual daddy long legs and sometimes you will find the GIANT wolf spiders (about the size of your hand), but those are rare.

      1. It’s those hand-sized ones that most concern me. I feel sick just thinking about them. But thank you for your response. It’s good to know. So long as I stay away from the jungle I should be OK.

  2. The Rhino beetle is slowly killing the coconut trees. They look cool, but they’re an invasive species so it’s okay to kill them. The larvae is huge! They’re actually almost resistant to extreme temperatures. Hence, ‘squish!’

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