Happy Holidays!

Even though there is some controversy as to why we shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving or what actually happened, I like to take that day and think about all I have to be thankful for. I like to spend time with people I love, eat food and relax. So that’s what Thanksgiving is to me. In Guam, even though Thanksgiving might not really apply, any reason to eat and spend time with family is enough! This year it was just the two of us again celebrating Thanksgiving together.  It was quiet and small, but enjoyable.

I thought I’d join in on The Holiday Season Tag that Charlotte from Sherbet and Sparkles created. So click the photo below and go read her post!!

1. Do people celebrate anything at this time of year where you are? Are there any special customs?

As a mostly Catholic island, Christmas is a big deal. There is also a special day to Guam on the 8th of December. There is a huge procession for Saint Kamalen, who watches over the Marianas Islands.

2. Do you feel that you are missing out on anything by not being in your home country around the holidays?

I am definitely missing out on spending the holidays with my family in Oregon/Idaho, besides that, Peter and I usually cook or do something special like hiking or swimming at the beach.

3. Do you go back home at all?

In the two years that I’ve been living in Guam, I’ve gone home once.

4. Back to your expat country! What’s the weather like during the holidays?

It’s really hard for me to feel festive, not only because I’m away from my family, but because the weather is in the 90s! This is probably the most beautiful time of the year on Guam, the rainy season is pretty much over and the sun is always shining bright. So, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas is just around the corner. I miss sweaters, boots, cold evenings, hot chocolate, and the possibility of snow! I mean I could wear boots, sweaters, and drink hot chocolate but it’s just way too hot for that right now.

5. Is there anything you’d recommend a visitor do/see/have if they are visiting your expat country around this time?

You can’t miss all the extravagant Christmas lights and mannequins set up at parks throughout Guam! Also, even if you aren’t Catholic, the cathedral in Agana is gorgeous at this time of the year.




  1. Thanks for participating!
    I spent Christmas in Miami one year and that was just weird as it was too hot for me. Christmas makes me think of rain and tights (panty hose?) and stuff, so flipflops and sundresses on Christmas were just so weird!

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