Flying a Kite on Mt. Lamlam

It’s not often that Guam has a very windy day. Peter bought a kite and was eager to fly it, but every time we went to the park there was absolutely no wind. We decided to hike up Mt. Lamlam, once again, and give kite flying a try! Knowing what to expect this time, I went prepared. That doesn’t mean that the burning hot sun and thick air didn’t make me feel like I was going to melt away; I just brought extra water, better hiking pants and more snacks! This time it was different, many of the crosses that led up to the top were broken and cut in half. I hope that this was due to natural weather conditions and not some disrespectful fool. Anyway, it was another perfect Guam day. We could see from one side of the island to the other. Perfect views of Coco’s Island, Sella Bay, Cetti Bay and a large freshwater lake that I hadn’t noticed before.  At the top of Mt. Lamlam we sat down in the grass and took a moment to enjoy the scenery. I love looking up into the sky and watching the clouds float by. After some time, Peter decided to set his kite up and give it a go. He looked so cute running through the tall grass while throwing his kite up into the air. Finally, he caught some wind and up it went! There may be times on Guam when it seems like there’s nothing left to do, that’s when I like to go on a hike and appreciate the beauty that I get to enjoy anytime I want. So take some time and fly a kite, it will bring the kid out of you!!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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