Priest’s Pools

Just before that week long storm hit Guam, we scooted down to Merizo in search of Priest’s Pools. A few months ago we tried to find the pools, but were deceived by the high walls that hid them from view. I could hear the water, but looking out over the top of the hill, I couldn’t see them!

Even though the skies looked unfriendly and we had to make a detour because we were caught in a huge rain storm, we were so happy to finally make it to the pools. As usual, there is no trailhead or trail. The road to the pools is through a residential street that is a dead end road. This isn’t really a hike, more like a very easy and short walk. We walked down the hill and immediately could hear the calming sounds of the water falling. Finally, we reached a valley where coconut trees lined the water and there they were. Beautiful and naturally made, these pools were once used by Spanish priests to bathe. They are VERY deep, at least 8 feet, and different sized pools that pour into the next one, go all the way down the hill toward the shore. I found myself a nice palm tree to sit under to keep out of the rain and listened to the soothing sounds of the water. It was so peaceful and relaxing. I have never seen anything like this, such natural beauty!

I wonder how the pools were formed. I guess hundreds of years of water pouring down the black rocks formed into bigger and bigger water holes. This is an unbelievably gorgeous must see on Guam!

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