Weekend in Guam

Hello there! Well I thought I should write this blog post before a new weekend begins! Last weekend was quite busy, which might explain why I caught the flu! Friday night, Peter and I said goodbye to his coworkers who recently married and moved to The States. After that, we visited a few of his DJ friends and headed home. On Saturday we watched From Up on Poppy Hill that was being shown at the Guam International Film Festival. I just want to say that the volunteers at the festival were SO nice and helpful! I could tell that they were all happy to be a part of such a wonderful event. The theater was pretty much full and the movie was great! I’m a HUGE fan of Studio Ghibli, so when I saw that this film was being shown, I  bought my tickets immediately. Every afternoon of the opening week there was an open mic showcase and Joey asked Peter if he’d like to DJ. Of course Peter said yes and he did very well. Next year I hope to watch more films and attend more of the events. Guam has so many talented artists and we should be very proud and supportive of them.

On Sunday we woke up not sure what the weather was going to be like outside. Happily, we hopped on the scooter and into the sunshine day…but then we entered Tamuning and all hell broke loose. The sky was dark and there was a gigantic cloud system making its way toward us. Just as we entered Agana, the rain poured down with fury! We thought maybe we could make it all the way to the Agat Marina, but we had to take cover at a beach shelter. Peter’s friends agreed to pick us up at Chamorro Village along with another couple. In about 15 minutes we were drenched! But it really didn’t matter because we planned on getting wet anyway. We arrived at the marina and boarded a really big catamaran boat! Us and maybe 20 other people piled on the boat and began our fun-filled day. It’s almost like the weather knew that we needed a little bit of sunshine because as we began to sail away from the marina, the sky cleared up and the sun popped out. It was SO much fun and I’m glad that we didn’t let the weather change our minds. At first I was scared to leave the boat because of the terrible snake I’d seen in Boracay. But there were two little girls jumping off the boat into the ocean so I was like, “I HAVE to do this.”  I did it and the water was the perfect temperature. I used the snorkel gear and to my delight there were no unusual sea creatures lurking below. The water was at least 40 feet deep and I saw tons of needlefish swimming all around me. I actually enjoyed looking into the water even though there wasn’t much to see. After who knows how many hours, Peter and I found a nice spot on the netted boat to relax. The day was overcast and I used sunscreen but I still got a tan! After enjoying some food, drinks and conversations we all got back on the catamaran and took a quick trip when the rain decided to come down on us again. After five hours of boating, we arrived back at the marina completely exhausted and ready for bed!

Somehow I managed to delete all of my photos from the weekend! I’m very upset by this because I’d filmed Peter performing and taken some photos of the catamaran cruise. So I don’t have much to show for this trip, hopefully we can all just use our imaginations for this one!


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