So This is Happening…

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 1.54.51 PM.png

There’s a typhoon somewhere in that picture that is causing all the ruckus on Guam. Today is the first day in the last three that it hasn’t been raining the entire day. I went out briefly Thursday evening and Tumon didn’t look too bad. The roads were flooded but the tourists were still out, covered in plastic for protection from the wetness. Since then, I haven’t left the house and I’m going crazy! We lost power for a day and it has flickered on and off every-now-and-then, but so far things are good for me. I can’t say the same for others on the island. There has been a lot of flooding, in some areas it looks waist deep. Trees have fallen due to the strong winds and some villages are without water. I finally went out to see the damage and I’m so happy that I live in Tumon because it’s not all bad. There were actually people swimming in the ocean against warnings that it was dangerous. I hope the rest of the island is doing better! The storm is slowly moving on but the rain and wind should stick around until the end of the month.  I guess that’s the trade off of living on a beautiful island, sometimes you have to withstand the storm to really appreciate the beauty of the island when it has passed.



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