August Adventures in Guam


I can’t believe how quickly August has come and gone. Summer in The States is coming to an end and the rainy season in Guam is in full effect. Again, I put together a short video of some of my August activities. It’s funny looking back at the end of the month to see what I did. August was a peaceful month for me. I discovered a new beach that I hadn’t been to before. I also tried to bodyboard for the first time, which is actually quite difficult in Guam because inside the reef there aren’t any waves! At least I had fun trying and pretending I was awesome!

We also did some fishing, with no luck! I don’t know what we’re doing wrong. We had dinner at Jeff’s Pirate’s Cove where I had a chicken gyro and listened to the one man band.

I did a lot of staring up into the sky, laying on the beach and relaxing at the park! Sounds like a good month to me!



  1. Hafa Adai! Great video footage of Guam! Seriously getting homesick right now. I live in Washington State, originally from Santa Rita Guam, and just looking at your video makes me want to move back “home” again. Please keep posting updates, I love to see the island, my goodness has it changed, but then again it really hasn’t changed much, there’s always the good old “spots” that bring back memories. Si Yu’us Ma’asi- Thank you Antonia!

  2. I am so happy to come across your blog. Makes me miss home even more!!! If you want to catch so waves you need to go down south to Talafofo Bay. Surfers go there especially during a typhoon. Crazy, but they do brave the waves.

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