How to Be a Beach Bum

Hello there!

Since I returned from Oregon, I’ve been trying to enjoy the sunshine as much as I can. Lately it has been rainy here on Guam and I don’t like to go out after the rain because the humidity is unbearable. But over the weekend I was lucky to have spent a beautiful day on the beach.

We recently sold our car, which I used for work, and have come to rely upon our scooter once again. I like the scooter better anyway. Driving on Guam is a nightmare and the scooter lets us get through traffic quicker, we spend less on gas and on a sunny day the cool breeze feels nice! Anyway, we packed the beach gear (tarp, beach mat, snorkel gear, and other miscellaneous beach necessities) and headed up to Ritidian beach, yes again!


It was one of those days when I’m like, “I never want to leave Guam, EVERRRR!” and I kept saying things like, “How can it be this pretty?” and “WOW look how blue the sky is.”

The road to Ritidian seemed like it had been patched up a little bit…I mean it’s still a horrible road to drive on, but it was better than the last time we drove on it. Oh and some good news, there is a new viewpoint just as you reach the top of the hill before you descend down to the beach! I was very excited about this.


The view from here is GORGEOUS!

I say we went on the weekend, but our weekend is Sunday and Monday. So we went to Ritidian on a Monday, which was why the beach was empty! We found a nice spot near the trees to set up our beach bum gear. Tarps are necessary on Guam. For some reason Ritidian beach seems to be hotter and the sun just feels like it’s burning my skin, unlike some of the other beaches I visit. So yes, you MUST buy a tarp/canopy to survive beach time in Guam. I laid out the beach mat and set up our solar powered radio. We shared a sandwich and guzzled three of the four juices we bought and then we ran into the water to cool off.



The water was warm and clear. Just how I like it! Ritidian’s reef is closer than the reef in Tumon Bay and the water is rougher. I stayed close to shore. I put the snorkel gear on and to my surprise there were TONS of fish swimming around me. They weren’t scared at all and some even swam TO ME! It was nice. I searched for cool rocks, shells and broken glass. I pretty much splashed around and snorkeled for a few hours. Then we ran back under the shade of the canopy to rest a bit before we packed up. I felt like I could stay there all day and every weekend!





  1. Hi Antiona,                     Another Great post.Your Dad Had so much fun with you & Peter.He is still smileing. Thank you.He dosn’t seem quite as worried about Maria after his visit. You know you girls are his life.What a great man.Thank’s for including me in your visit.                                               Hugs,                                                              Virginia

    1. Thanks so much for letting us shower at your place! I’m glad we all were able to eat and dance together. We had so much fun and I’m glad my dad has you in his life! I don’t worry so much about him when I know you’re with him!

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