What’s a Guam?

Yes, someone actually asked me, “What’s a Guam?” As if it were a thing and not a country! I don’t blame most people for not knowing about Guam. Before I moved here, I really didn’t know much about it. I don’t even think I knew it was a U.S. territory, but I did know that it was a country somewhere. So here are my reasons why most people have probably never heard of Guam!

1. Like I mentioned, it’s a U.S. territory and not one of the 50 states.

2.  VERY isolated. You should probably find a world map and search the Pacific Ocean. Way further West than Hawaii!

3. I’m pretty sure many people in the U.S. don’t consider Guam to be American. Quite a few people I talked to thought it to be a foreign country

4. Not known for any exports.

5. Very expensive to fly to. From the west coast it costs about $1,500 at all times of the year. It would be cheaper and easier to just go to Hawaii, if you are flying from the U.S.

6. There isn’t a really big population of Guamanians living in The States. Unlike the U.S.’s other territory, Puerto Rico, which is closer to the U.S. with a larger community living in The States.

7. As far as I can remember of school, Guam’s role in WWII wasn’t taught. I don’t think Guam was ever mentioned in school.

8. But probably the number one reason why people haven’t heard of Guam is because it is very far from U.S., possibly the furthest U.S. territory.

Before reading my blog, had you heard of Guam?




  1. Awesome! I didn’t know it was a U.S. territory. Can you vote by mail from Guam if you’re a U.S. citizen? I googled it and it seems like an isolated island. How far is the nearest island?

    1. All Guamanians are U.S. citizens, but if you are a resident of Guam you cannot vote. Even though I was born in Idaho, now that I’m a resident of Guam, I’ve lost my voting privileges. There are other small islands near, but the largest and closest country is either the Philippines or Japan. They are about a 4 hour plane ride away. Thank you for reading!

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