Mt. Lam Lam Ice Cream Time!


You know those days you have when you want something sweet but you’re not sure what? Well here you go and you’re welcome.

One day my friend said to me, “Let’s go to Mt. Lam Lam for lunch.” Thinking she was talking about the actual mountain called Lam Lam that I hiked on Thanksgiving, I was thinking she was nuts. Then she started laughing, probably because of the confused look on my face, and said not the mountain the ice cream store! Relieved, I agreed. So let me just say that as you should know by now, Guam is expensive and to find a place that sells delicious treats at an affordable price is a miracle. My favorite treat is the GMH (Guam Memorial Hospital) which consists of your choice of ice cream, brownies (LOTS OF BROWNIES), hot fudge, nuts and sprinkles. It is incredibly sweet and all that goodness for only $3.00!! Wooohooo! You can also get their more famous snow cone with ice cream in the middle! Their prices range from $2-5 and everything is super duper good!

How to get there:

If you’re coming from the South, go North on Marine Corps Drive past Micronesia Mall and turn left across from Bank Pacific and Taco Bell. Veer left (not down the street to the skate park) go up to Santa Barbara church/school and it will be on the left hand side. Very small parking lot.


  1. LOL the mtn!!!! fun story 🙂 and it looks so yummmyyyy!!! luckyy please try more treats and share love hearing about your adventures! 🙂

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