Creepy Creatures of Guam: Balati

There are many creatures that call the ocean surrounding Guam, home. Just swimming in Tumon Bay I’ve seen a very small reef shark, needlefish and eels! The most common sea creature I see is Balati, or sea cucumber. You will rarely or barely see them move, but you know they’re alive. One day the ocean floor is clean, and the next black blobs are scattered along the beach and in the water. Although I’ve never touched one, I’ve had one thrown at me! Very recently I discovered that they come in other colors and textures. They just keep getting more gruesome-looking 😦

I think they are perfectly harmless and provide fun to the local kids who like to throw them at each other. They sometimes squirt out this white goo if squeezed. What more can I say about the Balati?



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