Creepy Creatures of Guam: Green Anole!


As usual, my animal-lover boyfriend found this little creature at work. During the day I received an excited text from him stating that he found one of those bright green lizard things. I didn’t think much of it because he usually finds animals and is a very curious person naturally. When I came home I noticed a large, clear, empty juice jug sitting on my kitchen table. Inside the jug there was something moving around and yes, it was this little guy. I inspected it from the outside and noticed that it was very different from the lizards and geckos I frequently see all over Guam. For one, the intense, bright green color was unlike anything I’d ever seen and its feet had, what looked like, claws. Peter took his jug outside and let it crawl out, and guess what…the little creature was very calm and didn’t run away! It just walked out and stayed put! He didn’t seem scared or scurry away like geckos. I was warming up to him. We put him back in the jug and decided to do some research on him. We originally thought he was some kind of Chameleon because he could change colors depending on his environment (brown to green). This is when we found out that he is a Green Anole and very fragile. Even though he seemed calm and possibly like a good pet, what we read told us that he took a lot of care and could die easily. I don’t see these very often, but when I do they are very eye catching. They seem much smarter and more curious than geckos or lizards. Knowing that he’d most likely die if we kept him, we set him free in the jungle near our home!


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