Happy Birthday To Meeeeee!

So a couple of weeks ago I celebrated my birthday.  One step closer to 30! It was THE best birthday I’ve had as an adult!

My birthday celebration began the night before my birthday with the bowling team! They surprised me with a cake 🙂 so nice of them!


Peter had been planning my birthday for a few weeks and woke me up early on my birthday. I had a mountain of presents sent from my family! (Thank you <3)


After I tore through the gifts, he told me to get dressed for the beach and so I did. Of course I tried to persuade him to tell me what we were doing but that didn’t work.


First stop, a quick breakfast and then a car ride to pick up my fruit basket that Peter surprised me with! It had tons of fruit covered in chocolate and vanilla with sprinkles. It was a very sweet (literally) surprise but I had to carry the basket around with me all day and most of it melted 😦

Next, we were on the road again to the Agat marina! When I saw the boats waiting for their passengers I became so excited!

Are we going on one of these?

Peter said yes and that I would have my own private boat ride to dolphin watch!!!!!! I have wanted to see dolphins since I moved to Guam! This was really a dream come true!


So we hopped on the boat and headed out toward Coco’s Island to find some false killer whale dolphins! The ride was long but SO worth it! I FINALLY saw dolphins. They didn’t really come out of the water too much and their noses/mouths were rounded, not the typical looking dolphin I’ve seen on T.V. Nevertheless I was so happy!


After awhile we turned the boat around and headed back to the marina. That’s when the captain said, “Time for para sailing!” I clearly remember telling Peter that  I had no interest in ever para sailing before this. I was scared. Mostly scared of the water and the animals in the water. I didn’t want to do it, my hands began to sweat and I thought I was going to cry! Of course, they all encouraged me and said I’d be okay so I did it!!!


It was just as scary as I thought it would be…


Thankfully my captain was GREAT and he let me control how high I wanted to go. The wind in Guam isn’t constant, it’s more like huge gusts and then nothing. So this made the ride a little wild, especially for a first timer like me!



The captain also made sure to land me ON the boat and not in the  water! It was sure an adventure and something to cross off my bucket list! I would SO do it again as long as I landed on the boat. I don’t know why I have a fear of sea creatures and sea weed…yes it’s weird.

After that, Peter and I were both a little sea sick so we waited on another boat for our next tour!


This one included more dolphin watching, this time the dolphins were the cute ones that I wanted to see! They came so close to the boat and looked so happy. I even saw one of them do a back flip. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We found these dolphins down in the canal near Merizo and in between Coco’s Island! There was a huge dolphin pod and even little baby dolphins. It was magical and brought a tear to my eyes. I’m pretty sure if you’re lucky and you head down to Coco’s Island you could see dolphins too! They weren’t too far from the shore either, which surprised me.






I’m so thankful and happy that I was able to go on this trip. I will never forget my birthday!

After my final dolphin watching experience, we rode the boat to a part of the ocean that was good for snorkeling. It had tons of colorful fish. We stopped for about an hour and had some fun!



After my long but eventful day, we headed home to rest! Later that evening, Peter took me to Table 35 for my birthday dinner!


  Thank you sooo much for a wonderful  day and a birthday I’ll never forget!


  1. What a wonderful description of your Birthday!! sounds like quite the day. What I would give for some sunshine and warmth about now!! its cold,dark, rainy everyday right in Portland. Did Peter rent a boat with a driver to go dolphin watching?

    1. We have a friend who is a captain on one of those boats that take tourists out, so he set up a nice day for us. We went on two different boats, one for para sailing and then a larger one with a group of people for dolphin watching.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday..looks like you had so much fun!! It’s Christmas and I just wanted to say “Merry Christmas”. Hope you & your family have a wonderful Holiday &…A Happy New Year !

  3. Hello there! I just moved to Guam at the beginning of the year and read quite a bit of your blog before coming here. I just recently thought to check back in again. Have you been looking for a job? It seems to be so hard for us outsiders to find jobs here. Also, how was Table 35? I’ve been wanting to go there, but everytime we go by, it looks closed. Just went to the new Proa yesterday for lunch… So good!

    Thanks for blogging!

    1. Welcome to Guam, I hope you are enjoying it so far! It took me about 7 months before I got a job and not a very good job either. It’s VERY hard. It’d be a good idea to volunteer somewhere, if you don’t already have a job, so you can meet people and network. Table 35 is GREAT. I like going on the weekends because they have a small band that performs in the evening. The interior is very modern and the lighting is very dim. If you go too late, they usually run out of food. Hope you get to try it! Thank you for reading my blog and contacting me, it means a lot!

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