Yokohama & Goodbye Tokyo

It was a bittersweet goodbye to Tokyo; although, I was looking forward to the rest of our trip I still felt like I hadn’t seen all of Tokyo. We boarded the train to Yokohama on a somewhat gloomy-looking day. In addition to the dark skies, I wasn’t really feeling well.  Peter had a lot of energy and was excited, but my body was dragging and I felt like I needed to just rest and recoup. I tried not to be a party pooper, but I was ready to just get to Kyoto!

Yokohama is another large city but has it’s differences from Shibuya. More easy going and less of a city feel, it was even more organized and clean (if that’s even possible). We walked to the Yokohama Bay Quarter where we took a bridge to the Nissan building. Peter sat in his favorite Nissan car the Skyline GTR. From there we went looking for the Landmark Tower and the giant ferris wheel.

On the way, we discovered a Krispy Kreme and stopped for a snack. I felt a little bit better but I was still dragging and freezing cold. Coming from the comfort of 86 degree temperatures year-round and going to Tokyo’s colder weather was not an easy adjustment. We found both the tower and ferris wheel. The tower had an entrance fee of 500 yen, which we skipped. It is one of the largest buildings in Tokyo. Instead we rode the 15 minute ferris wheel where we could see all of Yokohama. It was incredibly high, the highest ferris wheel I’ve ever been on. There was a large amusement park that looked fun.

With a long journey ahead of us, we boarded the bullet train that took us to Kyoto!

Japan vacation video

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