Creepy Creatures of Guam: Geckos

How could I NOT do a blog post about the cutest of all creatures on Guam…the GECKO! These little guys are abundant all over the island. Initially, I thought I would be purely horrified at the sight of them, but no, I was not afraid of them at all! My fear was at ease partially due to the stories my sister used to write for me when I was a kid about me and my pet gecko, and partially because they are more afraid of me than I of them.

Now, don’t get these confused with lizzards. Geckos have sticky feet and can climb walls and are a lot smaller. They make this really strange noise that I can’t even begin to describe, but it has become normal to me as cricket noises were back in The States. Geckos often get inside and can sometimes be a bit annoying when they leave their mess in hard to reach places.

They eat bugs mostly and can change color depending on their surroundings. The cutest thing I think are baby geckos, which are no bigger than half of my pinky!


  1. I remember these “cute little guys”.
    They are cute until you have one crawl across your face or arm while you are sleeping. Then not so cute. More creepy than cute.

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