Working in Guam

For awhile, I thought I would never find a job on this tiny island. Though there are many job openings, there are a lot of  unemployed people searching for work. After a few months of searching, the job hunt became discouraging and I began to question myself and miss the job I had left in Oregon. As I’ve come to learn, you can have a degree (like I do) and years of work experience, it really comes down to WHO you know. Of course, I didn’t know anyone on the island and had to keep trying, applying and hoping for an interview. Toward the end of my search things started to pick up and I was called in for a few interviews. Then FINALLY, I got a job! By this time I was just so relieved and ready to begin work.

As you can see there are small cultural differences between Guam and anything I’ve experienced in The States, which are things I will have to adjust to. Family, friends and maintaining relationships with those people who are loyal to you are very important here. Which is why people give preference to their relationships when it comes to things like a job opening. So, if you’re moving to Guam don’t be surprised or discouraged and just keep trying.

It’s also hard for military dependents to find work off base because many companies don’t want to have to deal with losing an employee when they have to relocate to a new base. I’ve been asked during interviews if I’m military dependent and how long I plan to stay in Guam.

I now work for a large Guamanian company. People were very curious about my story and how I ended up in Guam. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. There aren’t too many differences between Guam and The States and it has been an easy adjustment working here. I do have to say that Guamanians LOVE to celebrate anything, so there are always BBQs and potlucks at work, which I enjoy 🙂


Most jobs are posted online. I used these websites during my job search. Most importantly, make friends with everyone and they will lead you in the right direction!


  1. 🙂 haha! Yea i bet it was tough to get a job..everything you just said is true..especially the celebrating part at work..we use to go to my moms job all the time! Lol..sigh..

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