Walking Out to Alupang Island

Have you ever WALKED to an island? Yeah, neither did I until Peter showed me this place in Guam near Hotel Santa Fe where you can walk out to a small island. Alupang Island is maybe a mile from the beach in Hagåtña, but still within the reef. If you wade in the water toward the right direction, the water won’t get any deeper than your waist, allowing for an easy walk out to the island.  The first time I tried, we’d gone the wrong way and the water was so deep I couldn’t touch the floor. So I quickly swam back to the shore, only to try it again. The second time I went a little more to the left and I was able to make it all the way across!

The island is uninhabited and very small. The sand on  the island was a little larger, whiter and rougher. We walked around a bit to look at the plants and animals. We found a few coconut crab carcasses, geckos, lizards and fish. Then we laid in the water and let the sun shine on us. It’s very relaxing and away from other people so it was quiet. If you want to, you can pay to take a canoe or jet ski out to the island. I recommend walking!


  1. I can’t wait to ‘walked’ to the island! ^___^ We backed out the last time that we went there ’cause the supposed to be gate was closed already and we’re shy to enter santa fe>_<

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