Creepy Creatures of Guam

There aren’t too many animals on Guam to be feared and probably nothing dangerous, BUT this GIANT spider was waiting for me one evening when I got home from bowling and I was terrified. I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands in the sink, whilst having a conversation with Peter when, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh!!!!”  This monster was sitting in the sink! Peter and I saw it at the same time, he grabbed me and we ran out of the bathroom. It is the biggest spider I’ve ever seen outside of a zoo. We then planned how and what we were going to do to remove it from our home. First we thought we’d spray it with raid, then maybe try to smash it with a shoe, then we finally settled on somehow picking it up and flushing it down the toilet. I’d heard that these spiders were fast and could jump, so I was afraid that it might try something tricky. I think it was nearly dead because it didn’t move much when Peter picked it up in a shoe box and dumped it in the toilet. Down it went. I’m not completely sure, but this might be a wolf spider. The photograph doesn’t even do it justice. It was about the size of my palm! Again, I was creeped out the rest of WEEK! I figured that it came in because it had been raining a lot that day. We will never know! Yuck.

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