Filipino Snacks in Guam

I LOVE snacks! Being soooo close to the Philippines means that we get a ton of imported Filipino goods. Not only are they delicious, but they also have super funny names! Here are a few pictures of things I picked up to send out to family and friends back in The States.

Lots of chocolatey goodness right here…and WHAT is Ding Dong??  We have everything from dried mango balls, garlic chips, banana chips and chocolate sticks.

Hmmm if you speak Spanish then you know what this means, so you can understand why I took this photo. I was like, “What the…” Seems as though this is a delicious dessert which I will be trying soon!

And last but not least KicKer. Looks and tastes JUST like KitKat!

I purchased all of these snacks at American Grocery (ironically sells mostly Asian products) and a specialty shop that sells Filipino food!

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