Philippines Vacation: Rizal Park, Manila.

In addition to various aquariums, Hotel H2O has a dance club that’s in a pool. We were looking forward to partying in Manila, but after a hectic first day we fell asleep early. After breakfast we ventured outside of the hotel walls and into Rizal Park, which is across the street from Hotel H2O.  At this park you can find a lot of food carts and people selling random things. If you are visiting the Philippines, you need to get used to people asking you every five seconds if you’d like a ride or want to buy something. There were police officers throughout the park, shooing away homeless people and keeping an eye on the tourists. We walked through the large grassy area where people were playing badminton and across the street to another park. Here we found a large pond and a lot of information about the history of Manila.

Smog in the city is thick! I remember as we descended in the airplane we were disappointed to see the grey skies, thinking it was going to be a rainy day. To our surprise, the woman sitting in the seat next to mine said it was all smog! Fortunately, on the second day some of the smog had cleared and we could see the blue sky and sun.

After we’d checked out of the hotel we took a cab to Makati City, where we spent the next two days.

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