Coco the Coconut Crab

No, it’s not a monster…it’s a Coconut Crab and yes it’s horrific! In my previous post I mentioned that during my trip to Marbo Cave we found two coconut crabs. We brought them home, one coming to my house and the other to a friend’s. I have never seen anything so ugly. I couldn’t even look at these pictures until now. Coco lived in the aquarium in my apartment. Let me just say that surprisingly, these crabs are incredibly crafty. Coco successfully climbed out of the large aquarium. I woke up to a loud “THUMP!” Only to find him disoriented and stunned from his drop. We quickly put him back in the aquarium and removed anything that could provide an easy escape route. Coco only ate coconut despite our effort to feed him other fruits. He also had a small cup of water that he’d either tip over or dip his claw in.

One day we decided to clean out his aquarium so we put him in a large shipping container, not latching the hooks. Unfortunately (not!), he escaped and is no longer a part of our lives.

Dear Coco, I hope you found a nice area to dig a hole and hide in. It was nice knowing you.

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