Things to Do in Guam: Talofofo Falls

From Tumon, it was kind of a long drive; kind of cheesy; and kind of tourist-y, but it still can be a ton of fun! As we walked to the entrance, a group of pigs gathered for feeding time. Of course, I had to have my photo taken with them! Guam has wild pigs that charge at people, and these are the closest I plan on ever getting to wild pigs. To enter the park, it will cost you $12 per person. The price includes a ride on a cable car with an extraordinary view of the jungle, river and waterfall. We’d heard that there was an area for swimming and a rope that you can swing off of and jump into the water. We came prepared to swim, unfortunately, it was closed off to swimmers and with good reason. The water looked like a chocolate milk brown, very uninviting.

To get to the rest of the park, we had to cross a suspension bridge which led to the top of the falls and the museum. Don’t expect to be moved by a wealth of knowledge, the museum looked like it was put together by a middle school student for a class project. It did have air conditioning, which was much needed after the walk through the jungle. I found the “Legend of Chamorro” to be nice and further into the jungle was the story of Yokoi Shoichi, the Japanese soldier from WW2 who hid in the jungle for 28 years!

If you’re not too impressed with waterfalls or you’ve already seen beautiful waterfalls, I’d say skip this adventure. The cable car ride was worth it to me because of the view.

Finally, we ended the day visiting another small park called “Love Land,” which we thought was just going to be a park full of pretty flowers. It wasn’t until AFTER I’d walked through it did I realize why all the signs said, “19 and older only.”  To our surprise “Love Land” turned out to be a pornographic statue park! Oddly, “Love Land” was randomly placed right next to a children’s theme park.

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