Happy Thanksgiving!

Not long after I arrived, I celebrated my first holiday on Guam. It was definitely a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year; although, I did have a turkey sandwich from Winchell’s. While families were barbecuing at the beach, I hiked to the top of Mount Lamlam. Located south of Tumon, on a very hot day, I began my journey with a motorcycle ride down to the hiking spot. From the bottom it looked steep and rugged but, surprisingly, it was quite easy. The humidity was intense that day and the mosquitoes were aggressive. The path, at times hard to decipher, led through jungle and then open pastures with tall grass. At the time of my hike, the ground was very misleading. It looked solid but with each step it crumbled beneath my feet.  While walking through the jungle areas, I imagined a crazy-looking jungle animal leaping out at me and taking me away to its hole in the ground. Midway through the hike there was an area off of the path that led to a mini grotto with Virgin Mary statues and Rosaries galore. The area was covered by rock, vines and palm trees. It was very beautiful and serene…until the mosquitoes attacked.  Every-so-often small, white crosses lined the path and provided somewhat of a guide to the top. The crosses represented the Stations of the Cross. Upon reaching the top, there were an assortment of larger crosses clustered together on one side and all around was the most incredible view of the island.  At the end of the day I had about 20 mosquito bites and beautiful photographs of my first adventure.


  1. Love it AD! Keep it coming. Sure miss you and am a bit jealous of the adventure you are taking. Praying that God keeps you safe and shows you the world 🙂
    ~ Cherry

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